July 5, 2022

Nazi Albert Speer’s Final Nuremberg Statement On Technocracy

Hitler relied on Technocrats to prosecute his war machine that conquered nations and executed his “final solution” to get rid of genetically impure segments of society. His ultimate goal was to create a master race of super humans to live in an environmentally reset ecology. Albert Speer was sentenced to 20 years at Nuremberg for his role in Nazi Germany

The Great Reset And Its ‘Final Solution’ For Useless People

The only question remaining is, “Who will control you?” After the Great Reset, if it gets that far, you will own nothing, the global common trust will own everything, the central banks will have a 100% monopoly on money and you will be thrown into the Metaverse for whatever enjoyment might remain. Say “No” while you still can.

Google Spam Filter Cost Republicans $2 Billion In Lost Donors

In new evidence revealed by a study from North Carolina State University, Google selectively marks as spam conservative donation email requests, automatically dropping them into recipients’ junk folder. This dirty trick potentially violates campaign finance laws an is an important means of skewing election results.