June 2022

Pandemic Of The Vaccinated: Boosters Greatly Increase Risk Of Infection

Technocracy’s war on humanity is being exposed for those who are willing to see it. The medical cartel, which has been totally taken over by Technocrats, refuses to back off pushing mRNA injections because it is their gateway to human biological systems and genome. The world is headed toward the largest genocidal event in history if this stranglehold is not broken.

Dr. Jane: Exemptions Should Not Apply To Vaccines

Technocrat-inspired propaganda flips word meanings to gaslight citizens. Exemptions are granted to avoid military service. Medical treatment, including vaccinations, require your permission. Thus, securing an “vaccine exemption” makes absolutely no sense, and authorities have no authority to demand that you produce one if you choose not to be injected.

Open Sesame: ‘Elmo Got The COVID Vaccine Today’

And then they came for the children… Sesame Street is not about entertainment or education, but rather brainwashing. If little Elmo bravely got the shot, it was for the “greater good” of protecting his family, friends and neighbors from getting sick. This lowers any resistance of families who may resist mRNA EUA injections for their children aged 6-months and up. 

Rockefeller Agenda At Work: The Great Reset Of The U.S. Food System

The Rockefeller Foundation predicted food shortages in 2020 in a major policy paper, Reset the Table: Meeting the Moment to Transform the U.S. Food System. Was this merely predictive or was it a signal for causation? Whatever the case, it calls for cradle-to-grave management of our food system for the sake of “food security”.

Bank Data: Disability Rates Soar During mRNA Injection Rollout

Taking disability data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and overlaying it on the timeline of mRNA shot rollout, a striking pattern is revealed, namely, permanent disability rates soared. Attending doctors always claimed that there was no connection to getting the shot, that the disability/injury was just coincidental.

Vast European Opposition To Central Bank Digital Currency

They asked for public comment. The overwhelming majority said to stuff it. In defiance of public sentiment, the response is “the European Commission will need to step up their efforts to better explain to its population how a digital euro works, to demystify some beliefs, and perhaps to show the benefits of a digital euro.”