May 2022

Remote Learning Apps: Children’s Data Shared At ‘Dizzying Scale’

In one of the biggest data grabs in the 21st century, the pandemic forced remote learning on students of all ages. Those apps, in return, sucked uniquely identified data out of millions of students without their or their parents knowledge. Data is then sold to a host of third-party companies. This is the ugly side of surveillance capitalism.

CRISPR Gone Wrong: Fluffy Hamsters Turn Into ‘Aggressive’ Rage Monsters

Scientists concluded, “We don’t understand this system as well as we thought we did.’ Yet, the Chief Medical Officer of Moderna (mRNA “vaccines”) said, “We are actually hacking the software of life. We think about it as an operating system. So if you could actually change that, if you could introduce a line of code, or change a line of code, it turns out it has profound implications for everything.”

California Shuts Off Water To Farmers To Save Fish

As a former rice farmer in northern California, I can testify to the stupidity and insanity of environmentalists who favor obscure fish over humans. Water to farmers is now below growing levels and will cause devastation to the 2022 rice industry, taking down farmers as well as all related industries. The fact that the world is facing a major food shortage means nothing to these environmental zealots.

Moderna Dumps 30 Million Vaxx Doses Because ‘Nobody Wants Them’

How should we spin this story? The hard reality of their overstatement of “vaccine” demand is staring them in the face. Big Pharma lives in its own self-approved version of Alice in Wonderland as the rest of the world tells them where to stick their injections. What is really needed is a second Nuremberg trial to get these scoundrels off the street.

Smart Meter Maker Itron, Microsoft Partner To Expand Smart City Efforts

Obama originally kickstarted Smart Meters with assurances that the collected data was only for use at your local utility. This was bunk and I wrote extensively to reveal the whole plan; now this plan is in full view. Everything about the inside of your house will be known and published to the cloud, available for everyone to see, including so-called “stakeholders”.

Alibaba Pushes ‘Individual Carbon Footprint Tracker’ at Davos

The gamification of green is a product of China’s Alibaba, which is bound by China to turn over its data on consumers in order to factor it into its Social Credit Scoring system. If you are not sufficiently green, you will be punished for your transgressions. This app will never apply to the Davos elitists however, who collectively have the highest carbon footprint of any group in the world.

Hiding in Plain Sight: Technocratic Tyranny Behind a Medical Mask

A new journal called Propaganda in Focus has just been launched and carried this must-read article on Technocratic Tyranny. This paper examines the creation, construction and role of propaganda during the pandemic: “technocracy will lure us, from the safety of the blind spots in our stress and trauma and fear, ever closer to the precipice. “