June 16, 2022

Limited Hangout: Bill Gates And The Frame Game

Bill Gates is famous for speaking out of both sides of his mouth on an issue to lead you to a false conclusion. No, Bill, your “vaccines” have not saved millions of lives. In fact, on a net basis, they have killed a lot more people than they could have possibly saved. We see right through you, Bill Gates.

Hundreds Of Millions Of mRNA Doses Headed For The Landfill

Big Pharma mRNA manufacturers hoovered up billions in profits as governments dump unused inventory. This boondoggle will ensure that Big Pharma will continue to come back to the feeding trough again and again until the world says “No more!”. In the meantime, injuries and deaths are piling up but that apparently does not outweigh the gargantuan profits.

FDA Vaccine Advisory Panel Voted 21-0 To Give Unapproved mRNA Shots To Children As Young As Six Months Old

Insanity begets more insanity as the Big Pharma-dominated drug industry steamrolls FDA-Unapproved mRNA shots for children between 6 months and 6 years. The mRNA injections remain in experimental purgatory, lacking safety testing and properly conducted clinical trials. Cries of protest are coming from more rational scientists and doctors to stop this madness.

China Fully Automates Cloning Of Pigs

Because of a lack of ethical or moral boundaries, China leads the world in radical gene editing and cloning technology. To bolster pork production, a fully automated process has been developed to rapidly clone pigs. The human incubators of Huxley’s Brave New World don’t seem that far off now.