August 2, 2022

Catherine Austin Fitts: We Are At War With The Deep State

As the world increasingly wakes up to the war against humanity, people will turn the Great Reset into the Great Resist. As with any war, there are already casualties and destruction of property, but that is the price of liberty for those who remain afterwards. Technocracy cannot stand on its own, but it can cause a lot of havoc in the meantime.

Corbett: Technocracy Is Insane, Anti-Human And It WILL Fail

James Corbett is exactly right and for the right reasons: Technocracy is a pipe dream. As gravity is a law that cannot be ignored, things fall to the ground whether they wish to or not, so will Technocracy fall back to the law of reality in due time. In the meantime, Technocrats and Transhumans can do a lot of damage to humanity and civilization. For those who see the train wreck coming, #WalkAwayFromTechnocracy.

Hohmann: Saudi Arabia Slouching Toward Technocracy

The entire world is racing toward Technocracy, including the major religions. The Catholic church is already steeped in green ideology and sustainable development from the Pope down. China is already a Technocracy. It is not surprising that the Islamic world is following hard behind with plans to build the first fully-automated and controlled super-city in the middle of the desert. It is yet unclear if anyone will want to actually live there.