August 11, 2022

Whitehead: Feds Seek To Silence Opposition With Fear, Terror, Repression

Biden’s Administration has now made it clear that the authoritarian police state will be the centerpiece of Biden’s legacy and the scourge of all citizens of America. The FBI has established a clear pattern of intimidation of political opponents. The IRS is arming its agents with .40 caliber hand cannons, which are only moderately smaller than a .45 caliber weapon. New IRS enforcement agents must be willing to use deadly force. If gun control laws are needed, it is for government agencies, not the public.

Warning: The Metaverse Is A Grave Danger To Child Development

The future of the Metaverse is so big that Mark Zuckerberg changed the name of Facebook to Meta. Gaming and educational tech companies are racing to hook children as young as 3 years old into a virtual world that will literally re-write brain functions, warping reality and tricking them into experiences that cannot be distinguished from reality. Parents be warned! Keep your children out of virtual reality.

Roomba Rooms: Amazon Buys iRobot To Map Inside Your Home

Your Ring doorbell knows who enters your house. Ring Indoor Cameras watch movement in the house. Alexa hears everything that goes on inside. Roomba will map the inside of your home. Amazon gets access to your home network information and flow. Looks like Amazon is a one-stop-shop for total surveillance and complete loss of privacy.