August 12, 2022

World Bank Creates $1 Billion Fund For Vaccine Passports

Global Technocrats, all unelected and unaccountable, are bent on creating vaccine passports. There is no discussion with nation-states or actual citizens who will be forced into taking the passports. A universal digital ID is the Holy Grail of Technocracy because it will enable a “Skynet” system of total control. The World Bank’s backing guarantees that Central Bank Digital Currency will be tightly coupled with vaccine passports.

Stupid Personified: Collect And Bury CO2 With 1,300 Mile Pipeline

This is a story of citizen resistance to the insanity of burying carbon dioxide, disrupting large swaths of farming operations and seriously harming local growth of plants that require CO2 for photosynthesis. These policies are anti-human and anti-civilization because CO2 is as important as is the oxygen we breath. The pressure for human depopulation rests on this same premise: humans exhale CO2.

Amazon’s Ring Camera Penetrates 18% Of Homes To Create Massive Surveillance Network

In any average neighborhood. every third house is likely to have an Amazon Ring or Google Nest security system, meaning that if you take a one mile walk in your neighborhood, information on you could be collected as many as 50 times; this potentially includes picture, audio and information collected from your cell phone. This “private” surveillance grid approaches the density of cameras in China.