September 2022

Facebook Unlike: Users Flee, Sales Drop, Scramble For Relevance

Mark Zuckerberg is having a hard 2022. His personal fortune has dropped precipitously and social media in general is running into a wall. Some call it “social media fatigue”, but users are finding out that they really can do without Facebook and save themselves a lot of stress and drama.

Human Genome Mapping: $200, 2 Days, Twice As Fast

As the price falls and speed picks up, there will be a time in the next few years where everyone’s genome could be mapped and stored. This is a Transhumanist dreamscape because analyzing and comparing everybody’s gene structure would be a goldmine of data, which would be viewed as a pathway to immortality.

Who Imagined? Customers Deserting ‘Beyond Meat’ Brand Fake Meat

Bill Gates poured millions of dollars in venture capital funding into Beyond Meat and its competitor Impossible Meat, both manufacturers of fake meat. Silicon Valley vegan techs that started the fake meat stampede in the first place have peaked and demand elsewhere is falling like a rock, leading critics to observe, “Go woke, get broke”.

Health Officials Admit Bill Gates Really Does Run the World

The undue influence of Bill Gates, who smiles with benevolent charm but behaves like a giant vampire squid, desperately needs to be removed from public policy everywhere in the world. Gates learned his monopolistic ways at the feet of his eugenicist father and through his company, Microsoft. Now, even left-leaning Politico admits that Gates is out of control.

Google Harnesses Quantum Computers That Speak ‘The Language Of Nature”

The head of Google’s lab says, “Quantum mechanics is one of the best theories that we have today to experience nature. This is a computer that speaks the language of nature.” This is a key development to advance Technocracy and Transhumanism, that seek to completely reengineer physical systems as well as humans themselves. Remaking the world at the hands of Google should set people’s hair on fire.

Bite Me: Human Successfully Vaccinated By Genetically Modified Mosquitos

The total takeover of all genetic material on earth will spawn projects like this, to use weaponize nature against humans to control human health. This will fit well with Biden’s new Executive Order, National Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Initiative,  that institutionalizes research and development of genetic modification across all branches of government and with billions in grants.

Biden Chases Windmills To Power America

Do we really want giant wind turbines floating all around the continental coastline as well as Hawaii? Turbines currently have a useable lifespan of 20 years and then must be replaced, but the time to achieve a net overall return is 22 years. Do you see the problem here? Then there is the vast ecological damage that will be done to the oceans with high-frequency vibration. 

Charging Electric Vehicles At Night Could Make Power Grid Unstable

Alternative energy doesn’t do well at night because the sun isn’t shining. Nighttime energy is produced mostly by traditional fuels that are already under siege. Charging an EV is equivalent to running an air conditioner in the summer. Can you see the problem? Eventually, EV owners will regret ever getting involved with the alternative energy scam.