October 2022

Teachers, Preachers And Greens Unholy Alliance To Transform America

The bedrock of American strength has always been education and churches and both have been virtually destroyed. In particular, vast swathes of Christian churches have been transformed into centers of Earth worship and all things green. How this happened is no mystery. It was intentional with malicious intent to destroy America.

BIS Tests mBridge: Successful Pilot Of Cross-Border CBDC Platform

According to the BIS, the mBridge ledger is a “new native blockchain”, “custom-designed and developed by central banks for central banks, to serve as a specialized and flexible platform implementation for multi-currency cross-border payments.” This expansive blockchain technology will tie the world’s central bank system into a monolithic structure of financial control.

Shuttered U.S. Oil Refineries May Never Restart

As refineries close due to obsolescence or sabotage, the policy war against them virtually assures that they will never be reopened; and there hasn’t been a new refinery built in 50 years. The multi-generational war on oil will eventually force combustion engines into oblivion as prices of remaining products continue to rise.

Alternative Economies: The Defense Against Technocracy?

Technocracy intends to destroy capitalism and free market economics, replacing it with a resource-based economic system that obviates private property, insures poverty and dependence upon the scientific dictatorship for survival. States have the power to withdraw from this attack and create alternative free-market alternatives.

15-0 Vote: Get Jabbed Or No School?

What could not be accomplished by killing unborn babies through abortion will now be realized in outright destruction of the lives of millions of children that have just been put on the list of mandated mRNA injections by the CDC. Del Bigtree of The Highwire has pledged to launch 50 lawsuits at the state level to block any such Federal mandate.

Whitehead: Authoritarian Monsters Wreak Havoc On Our Freedoms

It’s no secret that art reflects culture and that movies are not reality. However, there are often eerie parallels between movies and reality based on the views held by the film makers. Americans especially need to snap out of their slumber and defend their freedom from nihilistic slavery that is envisioned our enemies.

Google Denies Manipulating Search Results For GOP Senate Candidates

Backed into a corner built with its own previous lies, deceptions and obfuscations, Google cannot do anything other than lie about its current activities. As Sir Walter Scott wrote long ago, “‘Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive.” It’s easy to get in, but it’s impossible to get out. Anti-trust laws should immediately applied to Google.

CRISPR Gone Wild: Fake Meat To Designer Babies

The notion of cut-and-paste techniques for genomic editing is euphoric to the Transhuman/Technocrat world. “Why, we can edit anything, so why not do it?” The very question holds the answer, that is, there are no moral or ethical boundaries to constrain them. They have openly stated that the goal is to take over evolution and re-create the world in their own image.