October 3, 2022

Boston Review: What’s Wrong With Technocracy?

This article dances around the concepts of Technocracy but misses the mark by calling it a “utopian proposal for government”. In fact, Technocracy called for an end to government altogether, to be replaced with an organizational chart of Technocrats who would summarily make decisions for the entire economic system. It also abolished the price-based concept and replaced it with a resource-based economic system using energy for accounting instead of money.

Technocracy Rising: Carbon Rationing, CBDCs and Sound Money

The rising tide of currency replacement accompanies the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Great Reset and, Sustainable Development, all of which are synonyms for the new economic order known as Technocracy. Price-based economic systems require existing currencies. Technocracy, a resource-based economic system, is based on energy as its currency, which is based on carbon.