Articles by Dr. Tim Ball


Tim Ball: The Evidence Proves That CO2 is Not a Greenhouse Gas

The CO2 error is the root of the biggest scam in the history of the world, and has already bilked nations and citizens out of trillions of dollars, while greatly enriching the perpetrators. In the end, their goal is global Technocracy (aka Sustainable Development), which grabs and sequesters all the resources of the world into a collective trust to be managed by them.

Advocacy Advertising: Another Slick Social Engineering Tool Of Technocracy

Technocracy is all about social engineering. Advocacy Advertising (AA) is a tool to generate sales by promoting a particular opinion, such as political, social, economic or scientific. Such ads seek to influence public opinion for the self-interest of the advertiser. Conceptually, AA is closely related to the Nudge theory of behavioral science which uses positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions to influence behavior. Both are tools of social engineering, and skillfully practiced by Technocrats in all professions.

How Technocrats Use Administrative Law To Skirt Politicians

It started with the theory of Administrative law and gave way to a later legal theory called Reflexive law. Neither has anything to do with America’s traditional ‘Rule of Law’ that is supposed to apply equal justice to all Americans regardless of race, creed, color and religion. Further, when these alternative legal theories are put into practice, they are destructive to the original intent.

Technocracy In Education: “A Continental System Of Human Conditioning”

Dr. Tim Ball doesn’t mention it by name, but what he describes is pure Technocracy at heart. In 1934, the Technocracy Study Course defined education as “A continental system of human conditioning will have to be installed to replace the existing insufficient educational methods and institutions. This continental system of general education will have to be organized as to provide the fullest possible conditioning and physical training… It must educate and train the student public so as to obtain the highest possible percentage of proficient functional capacity. “