California Unveils Huge ‘Cradle-To-Career’ Student Tracking System

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This is the height of social engineering and far beyond Common Core Education Standards data tracking. SB-75 purposes to identify and track “predictive indicators” in order to “provide appropriate interventions” and “improve outcomes.”  ⁃ TN Editor

The California legislature has approved legislation that will be signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom to set up an educational system that will use big data to track children from “cradle to career.”

Senate Bill 75 was approved by a vote of 31-7 in the Senate and 62-14 in the Assembly. It will create a “longitudinal” data system that profiles and manipulates pupils from the earliest of ages so they are guided into a career determined by the central planners.

“This is long overdue. Finally, California, the center of the tech world, has a government that is catching up to the 21st century,” said Arun Ramanathan, CEO of Pivot Learning Partners, a nonprofit that will be benefiting from this legislation.

“I’m encouraged we are moving forward and proceeding through the workgroup in a thoughtful and deliberate way,” said Hans Johnson, a senior fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California and director of its Higher Education Center.

The state bureaucracy is now tasked with determining exactly what data is collected from children to enable Big Brother.

This is apart of a national movement that is being spearheaded by failed Georgia Governor candidate Stacey Abrams, New York Times writer David Brooks, and Barack Obama’s former deputy secretary of Education Jim Shelton.

These centralizers hope to control and shape young minds from the earliest of ages using powerful technological tools.

“We refuse to settle for a world where a child’s potential is dictated by the conditions in which the child is born. We are committed to helping every child succeed in school and in life from cradle to career, regardless of race, zip code or circumstance,” said StriveTogether CEO and President Jennifer Blatz.

StriveTogether is responsible for the national Cradle to Career Network Convening. They coach their data sweep plan to treat kids like guinea pigs in the language of social justice.

“We know the systems designed to serve our youth are failing children and families of color and those living in poverty. We exist to give every child, every chance, cradle to career. We’re here to help create possibilities — giving children opportunities to go further and do better than the generations before them,” Blatz said.

Studies have shown that more technology in the classroom actually harms student outcomes, but the end game is power, control, and profit for these rapacious bureaucrats.

Big data and technological progress are enabling leftist government officials to take totalitarianism socialism to unforeseen heights. George Orwell must be spinning in his grave.

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“…will create a “longitudinal” data system that PRFILES AND MANIPULATES pupils from the earliest of ages so they are guided into a career DETERMINED by the central planners.” Nothing makes me angrier than using innocents and calling it HELP. You do not need a computer data bank/program to help children succeed. One needs wisdom, intelligence, compassion and heart. This CA law is the first real action taken by sitting politicos to build an open Technocratic State inside the USA. The goal is to pigeon-hole all children and determine what a child ‘should be’ doing for future work, as well as… Read more »


The idealists start things like this. Then the power players take over. Now the internet is nothing but a tool for the big guys. Time to unplug and shop local, folks. Never a ‘name’ store, never ‘name’ brands, never Walmart, never, ever use Google, Amazon, or NetFlix for anything, never a movie or song with Jane Fonda, Sarandon, Babs, Cher, Rhianna, Jim Carry (or any other Scold or traitor) Never a book or movie by Stephen King. Never Disney, never again. And never Monsanto, Valero, Shell, or BP. Never PBS, NBC, CNN, NYT, USA Today, WSJ. Never NFL. I don’t… Read more »