Cancer Explosion: Pathologist Reports On Rise Of Aggressive Cancers Since mRNA Shots

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Doctors for Covid Ethics in Europe highlighted the professional observations of Dr. Ute Kruger, Chief of Pathology at Lunds University in Sweden: Cancer went haywire when the mRNA shots began. The health of the world population is being severely compromised by mRNA/DNA injections and yet they are not stopped, underscoring TN’s claim that Technocracy is at war with humanity. ⁃ TN Editor

Dr. Ute Kruger is a researcher and senior physician at Lunds University in Sweden. She’s the Chief of Pathology, a field that she’s worked in for the last 25 years, with a specialty in breast cancer diagnosis for the past 18 years. She’s studied thousands of autopsies and breast cancer samples. She’s extremely familiar with the industry and patient age, tumor size, and malignancy grade are all within her field of expertise and have had a natural rhythm throughout her career. That natural rhythm came to a halt in 2021 once the vaccine rollout began.

Doctors for Covid Ethics posted an interview with her where she shared her concerns about unusual features that have been showing up in samples from the past year.

  • Age – The average ages of the samples she received dropped, with a rise in the number of samples from people in their 30’s-50’s.
  • Size – It used to be unusual for Dr. Kruger to find a tumor 3 cm in size. In this new environment, she’s regularly seeing tumors of 4 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm, and the occasional 12 cm. In a shocking anecdote, 2 weeks ago she found a 16 cm tumor that took up an entire breast.
  • Multiple Tumors – Dr. Kruger has begun to see more cases of multiple tumors growing in the same patient, sometimes even in both breasts. She had 3 cases within 3 weeks of patients who had tumors growing in multiple organs. One had tumors in his/her breast, pancreas and lungs within months of getting vaccinated.
  • Recurrence – There has been an uptick in patients who have been in remission from their cancer for many years, suddenly getting an aggressive recurrence of their cancer shortly after vaccination.

Speaking Out

Dr. Kruger initially thought that these turbo cancers, as she calls them, were due to delayed doctor appointments from Covid lockdowns, but that period is long over, and the tumors are still growing aggressively, and in younger patients. She reported some of these cases to the FDA, and while some higher-ups initially agreed to meet with her, they canceled the meeting with no explanation the next day and sent a phone agent to take her report instead.

Six months ago Dr. Kruger appeared at a panel in Germany to present her theory that vaccination is causing aggressive tumors, and she asked for help from the doctors at that summit in collecting data. Unfortunately, few of them have been willing to collect that data and share it with her.


Part of Dr. Kruger’s time is spent on autopsies, and she drew attention to numerous concerning anomalies.

  1. A 60-year-old had multiple malignant diseases. He got 2 doses of the Covid vaccine during chemotherapy and then developed Guillain Barre Syndrome. She found inflammation in the spinal cord, brain, and blood vessels.
  2. An 80-yr-old woman became paralyzed one month after vaccination. Dr. Kruger found a hemorrhage in the spinal cord near the neck, which is something she’s never seen before. Under the microscope, she saw inflammation in the vessel that caused the rupture and caused bleeding. She also found inflammation in the heart muscles, which is myocarditis.
  3. Dr. Kruger was called to settle a dispute between a family of a deceased person, and the doctors who signed the autopsy. The family and their physician believed the death was a result of the Covid vaccine, yet the ones who performed the autopsy didn’t come up with any findings to support that and did not link the death to the vaccine. When Dr. Kruger performed her own autopsy, she found evidence of myocarditis and vasculitis- inflammation of blood vessels in the lungs. The original autopsy either missed those signals or didn’t look for them, and the family was correct. Dr. Kruger shared her opinion, supported by another senior-level pathologist from Germany, that the death was indeed due to the Covid vaccine.

Dr. Kruger outlined 3 major issues with the way autopsies are currently being run in practice:

  1. Patient information is sloppy. Dr. Kruger personally had several cases where clinicians had written that the patient was unvaccinated for the autopsy, when in fact in their medical files it was documented that they were vaccinated for Covid.
  2. The typical autopsy doesn’t run exams deep enough to diagnose the root cause of certain medical issues. They don’t do rigorous histopathological testing of the tissues where vaccine damage would likely show up, but which is necessary to detect markers of vaccine-induced injury, such as immunological infiltrates or spike proteins in myocardial tissues. Dr. Kruger ran more thorough exams and found myocarditis and inflammations that were missed by the original autopsy.
  3. There’s a lack of experience in evaluating these findings, and a lack of desire to properly contextualize cases. In addition, most autopsy clinicians don’t report cases to the FDA.

While Dr. Kruger’s testimony is by nature anecdotal, as a top-level pathologist of many years, her concerns should be taken very seriously and investigated further. Of course, that would require an honest regulation system which seems to be sorely lacking these days.

“I’m Watching People Being Killed”

Dr. Kruger stated that she sees vaccination as a trigger for fast-growing tumors and autoimmune diseases. She’s seeing a lot of inflammation alongside tumors, and of course, it’s not only breast cancer. Many other pathologists have reported to Dr. Kruger that they’re seeing an elevation in cancers, cancers in multiple organs, and rare cancers.

She ended off by saying “I studied medicine because I wanted to help people. But now it feels like I’m watching people being killed and there’s nothing I can do”.

The first step to solving any issue is acknowledging there’s a problem. We have a huge problem, and in order to begin to resolve it, it must be acknowledged. It’s time to start pressuring doctors to speak out. Any doctor who’s aware enough to understand that something is off must begin to address the issue. An additional motivation may be the pressure of knowing that it’s all about to blow up, and they don’t want to be standing on the wrong side of the line when it does.

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Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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[…] Read more: Cancer Explosion: Pathologist Reports On Rise Of Aggressive Cancers Since mRNA Shots […]


I see this too. Caring for two 80+ year olds, triple vaxed. Both had cancers in remission, that have literally exploded. One skin the other breast.
Yet, they have been so deeply brainwashed by the media, they truly believe this is all a part of aging!
They think I’m a conspiracy nut and will not listen to anything I say or read any articles I send then.
I begged them to hold off on the kill shots until more was know, nope they were first in line. So sad.
I’m really getting tired of going to funerals 😔


You did all you could to save them. However some people are just too dumb to live.
I presume hey were life long Democrats.


“…first step to solving any issue is acknowledging there’s a problem. We have a huge problem, and in order to begin to resolve it, it must be acknowledged.”

Finally! Yes, let’s begin seeing medical personnel in all avenues of service STOP giving out the kill-shots and talking it up. It’s a safe and effective bioweapon.

Last edited 1 year ago by Elle

Patrick….I wish there was a magic wand to wake people from their coma but of course there is no magic. We just keep talking and educating to as many as we can. The sad part is that a lot of adults and children will die before they realize how we have been deceived. But when that awakening happens watch out!!!


The evil reason behind these mRNA devices is to cripple the immune system. The dramatic rise in aggressive cancers, along with a rising incidence in other diseases, shows probable cause.

[…] Cancer Explosion: Pathologist Reports On Rise Of Aggressive Cancers Since mRNA Shots… […]

David Howard

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[…] Av Etana Hecht, […]

[…] Av Etana Hecht, […]

[…] Read more: Cancer Explosion: Pathologist Reports On Rise Of Aggressive Cancers Since mRNA Shots […]

Marie Laure Becquelin

It is all about cell INFORMATION.
mRNA is a message of disinformation, which induces cell confusion.
Cells who lose their core Information, or role, end up either becoming cancer tissue or developing an autoimmune disease.

When will the science of Information become a part of biology?
When will scientists understand that there is a core information system monitoring life?

The world is intelligible.
100 years ago, 100% of terminal cancers would be healed in 6 weeks by Dr. Raymond Royal Rife, in front of the Medical academy of medicine in Paris.

[…] Cancer Explosion: Pathologist reports on rise of aggressive cancers since mRNA Vaccine Shots HERE […]


[…] Cancer Explosion: Pathologist Reports On Rise Of Aggressive Cancers Since mRNA Shots […]