Chicago Police Using Pre-Crime AI To Arrest People BEFORE They Commit A Crime

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This Orwellian pipe-dream is total lunacy and needs to be stopped immediately in every law enforcement unit in America. Do NOT allow your local police to buy into this Technocrat scheme to micromanage everyone.  TN Editor

Police are arresting people for crimes they’ve not committed yet using a new computer algorithm software that identifies criminal behavior and predicts future crime. Suspects were arrested this year as a result of being put on a predictive policing ‘Strategic Subject List‘ (SSL) and Chicago Special Order S10-06.

Chicago Special Order S10-06 equips law enforcement with the ability to arrest citizens before they commit a crime.

The Daily Mail explained how the software works in a recent article claiming, “the computer program takes into account various factors such as criminal records, gang affiliations, gunshot wounds already suffered, or the number of past arrests.”

The program also uses social media websites to help develop acitizen ranking on locals and identify future threats.

According to CBS, “police have enlisted the help of community members and social service groups to reach out to those individuals with the highest scores. In some cases, police and others will visit their homes in what are called “custom notifications,” to offer help.” Police have knocked on over 1,400 doors so far.

The program has recently been under fire and is being accused of wrongful arrest in Chicago. In a recent case, “17 year old Nico Gaete, was somehow identified as a suspect via a Facebook picture from over 3 years ago, which led to his wrongful arrest and imprisonment for a crime he didn’t commit.”

According to Chicago’s Special Order S10-05, police are creating secret lists of citizens as well.

The District Intelligence Officer will confer with District Commanders on individuals who are eligible for a Custom Notification letter. The District Intelligence Officer will then contact the Bureau of Patrol to request a Custom Notification letter be created for that individual. Individuals with a ranking of 400 or higher receive a visit from local authorities. 

SSL can be used to seize citizens property. The Custom Notification will include a description of both federal and state sentencing options where applicable, as well as identification of the potential for seized assets and other consequences as appropriate.

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Even though the notion of constitutional protection is a farce programs like this should opposed for a number of reasons.

1 due process
2 innocent until proven guilty
3 invasion of privacy
4 the open ended nature of s10-05 anyone could be added to the list for any reason

And so on…