Conspiracy Theories Collide To Obscure The Plain Truth

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When 5G met COVID-19, it was just too much for some conspiracy-minded denizens of the Internet. Non-factual stories and rumors began to circulate and then people started vandalizing 5G towers. Although the real facts behind both 5G and COVID-19 are in plain sight, it’s always the hidden things that get the attention. 

Such disinformation is often purposefully planted by bad actors such as foreign agents. More often it is born out of ignorance and fear from people who lash out at things they know little to nothing about. Whatever the source, these wild speculations make it ever so easy to discredit and obscure the truth of the matter.

In the meantime, exposing the reality behind both COVID-19 and/or 5G becomes exponentially more difficult.

Postscript: I encourage everyone to read ALL the comments at the bottom of this article before joining in the discussion. If you are someone who believes that COVID-19 and 5G are somehow connected, or that 5G caused COVID-19, then you are going to have a visceral (triggered?) reaction to this article and my analysis at the top of it. This is my desire, to show you there is no point giving free ammunition to radicals like TechCrunch, to give them opportunity to ridicule and vilify. Don’t connect dots where there are no dots. Don’t make the research of others mean something that they themselves did not state or intend. Don’t make statements without offering concrete proof that what you say is true and accurate. ⁃ TN Editor

As the U.S. and much of the world hunkers down to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, some virus-related conspiracy theories are having a heyday. Specifically, a conspiratorial false claim that 5G technology is linked to COVID-19 gained ground, accelerating from obscurity into the rattled mainstream by way of conspiracy theorists who’d been chattering about 5G conspiracies for years.

While there is scientific consensus around the basic medical realities of COVID-19, researchers are still filling in the gaps on a virus that no one knew existed five months ago. That relative dearth of information opens the way for ideas usually relegated to the internet’s fringes to slip into the broader conversation about the pandemic — a dangerous feature of an unprecedented global health crisis.

According to Yonder, an AI company that monitors online conversations including disinformation, conspiracies that would normally remain in fringe groups are traveling to the mainstream faster during the epidemic.

A report on coronavirus misinformation from the company notes “the mainstream is unusually accepting of conspiratorial thinking, rumors, alarm, or panic” during uncertain times — a phenomenon that explains the movement of misinformation that we’re seeing now.

While the company estimates that it would normally take six to eight months for a “fringe narrative” to make its way from the edges of the internet into the mainstream, that interval looks like three to 14 days in the midst of COVID-19.

“In the current infodemic, we’ve seen conspiracy theories and other forms of misinformation spread across the internet at an unprecedented velocity,” Yonder Chief Innovation Officer Ryan Fox told TechCrunch. He believes that the trend represents the outsized influence of “small groups of hyper passionate individuals” in driving misinformation, like the 5G claims.

While 5G claims about the coronavirus are new, 5G conspiracies are not. “5G misinformation from online factions like QAnon or Anti-Vaxxers has existed for months, but is accelerating into the mainstream much more rapidly due to its association with COVID-19,” Fox said.

The seed of the false 5G coronavirus claim may have been planted in a late January print interview with a Belgian doctor who suggested that 5G technology poses health dangers and might be linked to the virus, according to reporting from Wired. Not long after the interview, Dutch-speaking anti-5G conspiracy theorists picked up on the theory and it spread through Facebook pages and YouTube channels already trafficking in other 5G conspiracies. Somewhere along the way, people started burning down mobile phone towers in the U.K., acts that government officials believe have a link to the viral misinformation, even though they apparently took down the wrong towers. “Owing to the slow rollout of 5G in the UK, many of the masts that have been vandalised did not contain the technology and the attacks merely damaged 3G and 4G equipment,” The Guardian reported.

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Marilynne L. Mellander

What is the point of this article??

Patrick Wood

To point out the damage caused by unfounded conspiracy theories.


following the link the page itself is nothing but misinformation – time to unsubscribe from Patrick Some of us are honors level electrical engineers and have worked in the field for decades, 5G being a hazard is not a conspiracy theory – FCC acceptable levels are magnitudes higher than those in Russia for example. one could consider the mainstream media spews out nothing but unfounded conspiracy theories like the page you just gave us. The 5G research easily found. Many of us have used test equipment to measure levels and they all exceed safe levels (which are not safe) because… Read more »

Patrick Wood

James, you are not listening to what I said. I have followed 5G from the get-go and am 100% set against it. I have spoken dozens of times against 5G. Our ‘good’ research on 5G is NOT HELPED by people who associate it with COVID-19 as being the cause of the pandemic. Such conspiracy theories are just that – unfounded and reckless association of other people’s data and/or research. Such things harm our cause and make it ever harder to explain the reality of it in a rational manner. Maybe you like the visual of burning 5G towers in England.… Read more »


You’re starting to look like a GATEKEEPER Patrick Woods You forgot to mention the effects of millimeter wave, Tom Wheeler previous ‘chairman’ of the Federal Communication ‘Commission’, the captured agency now operating on telecom industry’s behalf, “WE WON.T TEST IT FOR SAFETY!”, a tyrannical psychopath in a video telling us that anything that can be WILL BE internet of THINGS, unsaid was that WE will be THINGS in that system explaining WHY Bas…..d Gates wants to Chip the entire planet and vaccinate with ‘some’ non biodegradable things in it. Look for SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY and tie it into this wonderful vaccine… Read more »

Patrick Wood

You are missing the point here. This has nothing to do with all of the legitimate research on 5G, of which I have published much. What you need to process is whether or not 5G causes COVID-19. People who believed this fairy tale destroyed 50 5G towers in England and fed the lame-stream press ammunition to discredit all the rest of us.


“While there is scientific consensus around the basic medical realities of COVID-19…” Really? Just what consensus is this? How does one explain the video from China during the “Wuhan outbreak” in which people were captured by security cameras walking down the street, and then suddenly collapsing without previous signs of distress? It seems to correspond with the science-backed claims that exposure to 5G radiation in the 60ghz range can quickly diminish the ability of hemoglobin in red blood cells to bind with oxygen, potentially causing sudden hypoxia. Also, though there may be “consensus” in the propaganda media, there is still… Read more »


Yes. This is what I noticed.

1. Lot of fake postings and videos saying “5G causes Covid-19 virus”

2. After few days lot of postings and videos debunking Step #1.

3. After few days NY Times will spin this as “5G conspiracy theories have been debunked”

4. After few days “Linking 5G with Covid is a conspiracy theory and will be banned on YouTube since people are burning towers”

Nobody is saying 5G creates a virus!! The scam campaign accomplished the results in 3 and 4 above.


I think the connection is that 60GHz lights up oxygen atoms, may interfere with hemoglobin uptake of oxygen, which is also what the wuhan virus does.
Also, they make 5G equipment in wuhan, where the virus apparently originated.
So there is some connection. Perhaps the cause of death could be 5G attack to an individual, using the phased array beams, and attributed to the virus. A new scary remote control deadly weapon.

Patrick Wood

Gordon, you are falling into the very conspiracy theory trap that inclusion of this article highlights. If/as/when any credible research becomes available about any such linkage, do us all a favor and put a lid on this thinking for now. It doesn’t help the cause and it makes it all too easy for the ‘enemy’ to shower us with ridicule.

Lisa Henkes-Nerone

It IS available. I’ve seen several in the last week. 5G has gone live and therefore, actual research has been done and corroborated the connection.

Patrick Wood

No, the connection has not been corroborated, much less proved – it has been theorized, and there is huge difference. What would you say to the people to burned down 5G towers because they were scared to death of the coronavirus/5G? This was irrational paranoia that led them to do this.

Lisa Henkes

Sir, there is a very obvious connection which is now being researched and published.

Patrick Wood

Lisa. Calm down. The article you cite says this: “The degree to which these frequencies affect the virus remains unknown.” However, there is nothing wrong with researchers asking questions and mounting investigations. Dr. Havas merely asked the question, “Is there an association between covid-19 cases/deaths and 5G in the United States?” Correlation itself does not prove causation and the two terms should not be confused.

Lisa Henkes

“Covid-19 cases per million are 95% higher and covid-19 deaths per million are 126% higher in states with 5G. Whether these results are due to some factor other than 5G and whether this association will persist as time goes on remains to be seen.” And I’m calm. I’m also seriously confused by your inability to connect these dots and throw derogatories at your peers for critical thinking. Dr. Havas continues: “The current radio frequency guidelines in the U.S. do not protect public health. They are based on a heating effect for short-term exposure. If you live within 400 m of… Read more »

Patrick Wood

Lisa, you know and I both know that there are hundreds of peer-reviewed studies dating back to the 1920s on the negative biological effects of non-ionizing radiation. You and I both know that the FCC is a worthless agency and is not protecting the public health with 5G. We both know that the 5G industry has spent $0.00 on 5G studies on human health. There are 1,000 reasons to stop the rollout of 5G right now, but one of those reasons is NOT because it is directly related to COVID-19. This connection has simply not been made. Furthermore, 5G rollout… Read more »


Patrick you should state some of this up front to explain the article properly. You have made a mistake today so fix the main article On its own 5G is an issue the only problem it truly solves is how to do mass surveillance. Clearly smoking, or 5G radiation or a host of other things would not help the immune system fight against a virus. To say nobody every heard of it denies the papers and patents that go back to 2014 onwards. The article you linked is just so bad and uses the same non fact based type of… Read more »

Patrick Wood

I used intentionally used this article because it made my point perfectly. There is no point giving people like this more ammunition to fire back at us. When people say that 5G causes the virus to make people sick, it crosses the line into a full-blown and even dangerous and reckless conspiracy theory. Like I said above, maybe you like the visual of 5G towers being burned in England, but I do not.

Erik Nielsen

Dear Patrick, your focus is wrong. First, nobody claim 5G causes Corona. Some professionals only point out the 60Ghz wavelength enter into oxygen and in SOME occasions maybe could cause troubles in the lungs and thereby make the lung virus worse. Second, do you and others seriously believe activists would break into a steel gated area, climb 25m up in a high volt mast with 25l gasoline, throw it over the 5G panels, take out a lighter and put it on fire, and climb down again, and get away unseen without being photographed??? Its obvious that the articles are pure… Read more »

Patrick Wood

–> nobody claim 5G causes Corona.
This is not correct. This is exactly why over 50 5G towers were destroyed in England.

If you are denying that any 5G towers were destroyed in England, then we have nothing further to talk about.


Covid-19 is very lucrative indeed -Doctors are highly rewarded financially
for any patient diagnosed with Covid.
According to some Doctors and Nurses many common respiratory conditionSc can (during this pandemic ) be diagnosed as Covid-19.

Therefore, it’s absolutely not irrational to be diagnosed with Covid-19
when suffering from the effects of Eletromagnetic Radiation poisoning.

Patrick Wood

Emilienne, You cannot post the same content multiple times on the same story.

Leanna Reece

This article is from TechCrunch which is not exactly the most reliable source when it comes to the harm from EMFs. I’m quite disappointed that this article is highlighted on this website. 5G does indeed cause great biological harm. At 60 Ghz specifically there is research demonstrating the impact on oxygen. Other frequencies (also used by 5G) interfere with the voltage gated calcium channel and cause mast cell degranulation events. EMFs absolutely trigger mast cells and this is quite well documented in the medical literature. These are only a few of the results of exposure to EMFs. As an individual… Read more »

Patrick Wood

Leanna, you are totally missing the point of posting this article in the first place. 5G is a big issue. Separately, COVID-19 and the Great Panic of 2020 is a big issue. When conspiracy kooks combined the two issues and got people to start tearing down 5G towers because they believed 5G was causing COVID-19 sickness, everybody else got discredited. What Tech Crunch has to say about it is immaterial and the article will stand: it only shows how easy it is for them to discredit legitimate research being done on either 5G or the pandemic. Did you even read… Read more »

Leanna Reece

Based on the other comments it appears that others have misunderstood your intent as well, and yes, I did read and re-read your initial comments.

I don’t engage in name calling personally as, in my opinion, it only serves to divide.

I absolutely agree that there could have been (and likely were) bad actors involved in taking down the towers. If only the problem could so easily be addressed!

Many are falling into the fallacy of believing that there is only one cause to the suffering and deaths, unfortunately, and that plays right into the agenda…


My first hand experience visiting Albany Capital building. May 1st, I visited and noticed signs to stay in car and wear mask. I chose with friend to walk around without wearing mask. I was speaking at different locations around the Capital building. When me and my friend got in front of the Capital on the right side we heard a strange noise that we could not locate. Walking back to car my friend said to me you are really out of breath. That was strange because I did not walk that far to be out of breath or do I… Read more »

Patrick Wood

Michael – there is no doubt that there are harmful side-effects of 5G and it is a serious issue. However, the Technocrat elite are pushing 5G in order to light up the Internet of Things to effect a comprehensive surveillance grid controlled by Artificial Intelligence. Obviously, they are not concerned about health effects. The surveillance grid will be far more damaging to society and freedom than the negative health effects of 5G.


I have recognized 5g as written by people in the field as the connective tissue for tomorrow’s digital economy. Yes, everything connected including us at some point. That is if people do not resist. I also recognize that A.I has to be harnessed in order for them to implement a global social crediting system.

As for me and my friends experience in Albany if it was not 5g then a mind control device was used. Those are my only two explanations for what occurred.

Patrick Wood

–> if it was not 5g then a mind control device was used. Those are my only two explanations for what occurred.
Michael – are you referring to COVID-19 or something else?


I am referring to me and my friends experience in Albany. Out of breath and pain in left side of our necks.

Michaela Felgines

Hello, I have really enjoyed the articles that I get from Technocracy News, I have also read a couple of Mr. Woods books which were eye opening and very informative. But While I don’t currently agree to 5G claims causing the Corona Virus I don’t like the spin of the below quote from Fox news that was included in the article by Taylor Hatmaker. “5G claims about the coronavirus are new, 5G conspiracies are not. “5G misinformation from online factions like QAnon or Anti-Vaxxers has existed for months, but is accelerating into the mainstream much more rapidly due to its… Read more »

Patrick Wood

Look, the TechCrunch article is full of falsehoods and ridiculous accusations but this is exactly the point. Articles like these are read by couch-sitters all over the world, yet the “resistance” hands them the opportunity to write such trash in the first place.

Michaela Felgines



One might ask, why did the early architects of Rockefeller medicine decide to reclassify common exosomes as potentially highly infectious viruses? Environmental stressors such as man-made chemical/biological toxicants, air-particulate pollution, vaccines, electromagnetic radiation, etc. are proven to result in an over-proliferation of exosomes within all living mammals. If technocratic corporate interests are responsible for creating environmental biological stressors in their products, is it not understandable why common exosomes were adopted to represent highly infectious viruses within the sanctity of the technocratic scientific-medical paradigm? Exosomes / viruses are not a cause, the are a symptom.

Patrick Wood

Middleway, are you suggesting that the virus is not a virus at all and that they are instead being caused by some other agent, like 5G? If not, please be more clear in what you mean.


This is a highly controversial subject and most of the historical research that has been done has been highly suppressed and the papers are very difficult to locate and obtain. A lot of research was done in the former Soviet Union and was based on studies of the toxic effects of chemicals, radar and wireless communication systems. This is the only remaining relevant pdf file I could locate: The topic is covered in a number of books including: “The Invisible Rainbow – A History of Electricity and Life” by: Arthur Firstenberg “Virus Mania” by: Etienne de Harven, MD and… Read more »

Diane DiFlorio

I found this document as well, not sure if they are related.
CIA Document on Millimeter Wave and Microwave Effects on Human Health – 1977 declassified – See page 61 to 64


@ middleway. yes, now somebody on the money, so many arguments in medicine about what a virus really is – do you have any good medical links that discuss this and not YT videos? There is defat on whether a virus is alive or dead as its just genetic material that borrows from our own DNA/RNA or something like that I’m no expert – Have family who work as nurses in three different hospitals and all this wiping and masks is near the door and not inside.


and your site does not explain that in that way – go back and fix it before you lose too many followers – unless you are more concerned about being technically correct and lack the ability to see the perception problem you might have created.


What is this article doing on your site? What a crock of shi@. Dervla Davies talk at Melbourne University. Dr Rashid Buttar talk London Real. Robert F Kennedy talk at London Real. What were you thinking Patrick?

Patrick Wood

I am glad that this is causing such a stink. Yes, the article is trash talk. I used it to show how easy it is for for we in the “resistance” to get completely shot down when act without certifiable, documented truth. 5G has big problems. COVID-19 has big problems. Leave the issues separate until there is documented proof.


I still love ya!!!????????????


5G doesn’t cause Covid- nobody is saying that! 5G is causing cellular damage, allows a harmless virus to penetrate and toxify sells, it’s one more toxicity to the body, with air, plastics, food, chemicals, metals. And this at a billion times higher than 4G!

Of course it’s doesn’t cause Covid!

Patrick Wood

–5G doesn’t cause Covid- nobody is saying that!
Oh, yes they are! I will not post such articles here, but go search for “covid and 5g” and you will find plenty. One article states, “Some suggest that 5G networks cause radiation, which, in turn, triggers the virus.” Another says, “Many of those sharing the post are pushing a conspiracy theory falsely claiming that 5G – which is used in mobile phone networks and relies on signals carried by radio waves – is somehow responsible for coronavirus.”


The only thing I like about this article is the heading.
Unfortunately the text does not reflect the heading and the linked article is even worse.

The concept of linking two things (even it were true) is not helpful as the 5G issue has been around for a while.
Patrick has said some good comments however they are buried inside nested comments.

This article is kind of old news all the other sites have warned about this already.


I understood your point in posting this article, and fully support what you did. Thank you Patrick.


There is so much bad information on the internet. It is never okay to vandalize. I did myself read articles about the connections, even was sent video’s by a friend claiming the same. All I know is there is so much deception on every level. There is a crazy outfit affiliated with Q and Quan is another name for Q. Many followers of this Q, who is either one man our multiple people who have got the so called conservatives looking like idiots. They have no discernment whatsoever. Conservatives and Christians alike are falling for it even atheist’s because of… Read more »


What you should speak about is the move to jail people for spreading so-called “conspiracy theories”. This is where it is going. They can find any excuse to justify it. In reality, this is propaganda.


Actually, they have already passed a law in Denmark “to impose fines and imprisonment on persons who communicate information about COVID-19 that do not comply with the official announcements from the authorities.”


What I love about 5G is the fact it arrives at a time when the bastards who wish to rule the world may just get more blowback than they bargained for.

Transmission systems are dangerous at any wavelength. My theory is that as waveforms enter certain physical lengths they cause greater cellular damage to similar sized forms. Bees have exoskeletal bullet-shaped forms. Seems they could be ignited like an LED bulb, or a piece of foil in a microwave oven.