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ICLEI Teaches Local Governments How To Support The Paris Climate Agreement

ICLEI is teaching U.S. mayors how to commit treason by leading them to obey agreements with foreign entities. President Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement but at least 267 cities have rebelled in support by stating that they would obey its dictates in spite of him. ‘ICLEI and its network’ is a presumptuous statement where ICLEI claims some kind of ownership of these cities.

Challenging The ‘Official’ Automation Narrative

This is a must-read article on the real impact of automation and AI on employment, which is reportedly being vastly underestimated. As Technocracy draws closer to  critical mass, this mega-trend will lead to a siren call for Universal Basic Income (UBI). UBI is tantamount to outright slavery because it will lock in the new class of humanity called ‘unemployables’.