Mercola Vs. Free Speech: Demonized, Censored, Slandered, Browbeat, Threatened

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Who would have thought that in America, the land of Free Speech, that one person could be attacked so viciously over exercising his First Amendment rights to Free Speech. This is the story of Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Over the years, Mercola has had to fight Big Pharma and the medical establishment because he became an expert in alternative therapies that would protect the health of millions around the world. He was no threat until he started to dig into the profits of these medical monoliths.

Then, as he discovered the reality of Technocracy and the WEF’s Great Reset, he was forced into a fight with an even larger and more powerful global cabal.

One man, attacked on two fronts by myriads of global Technocrats armed with trillions of dollars and mean-spirited intent.

You may say, “who ever heard of Dr. Joseph Mercola?” Well, just about everyone. Two years ago, his website, routinely received 30 million visitors per month; that was just before summarily wiped out 90 percent of his search engine traffic. Cumulatively, hundreds of millions have voluntarily attended his knowledge to find out how to take control of their own health.

Not only is Mercola under intense attack, but many health freedom advocates are also in the crosshairs.

Now, Mercola is forced to take radical action to preserve his voice by pledging to remove every shred of his web content after 48 hours of “air time”. Think of it like the messaging platform WhatsApp that allows users to send self-destructing messages. At the same time, Mercola has removed all copyright restrictions and now openly encourages anyone and everyone to download new articles as they appear and repost them to every corner of the world.

He also pledges to continue to write and create new videos.

You might get the idea that Mercola is a street-smart fighter after 25 years of unrelenting attacks. If so, you are right.

But, he is being forced by circumstances to take new and unprecedented action. Such should never happen in America, but it has – and will continue for many others as well. In the meantime, whatever is behind Mercola’s radical shift in focus, my guess is that his enemies had better watch their backs, for they have backed the honeybadger into the corner.

Why I Am Deleting All Content After 48 Hours

By Joseph Mercola, August 4, 2021

Today, I have the most important announcement in the quarter of a century history of this newsletter. My goal and passion has always been about supporting you and helping you take control of your health. I am beyond thrilled that there are tens of millions of people who have benefited from what I have shared over the years.

I am filled with joy and gratitude every time I travel and lecture as invariably many people tell me how I’ve changed their lives by providing vital information they couldn’t find anywhere else and even better that was completely free.

These were the times when many of the views I presented were criticized, but that’s to be expected. That was one of the great freedoms we enjoyed. We could have different views and we could speak openly about these views without fear of retribution.

But we are now in a different time. A much darker time. The silence of free speech is now deafening.

Not only is blatant censorship tolerated, it is being encouraged by the very people who were to be entrusted with protecting our freedom of speech.

We are not living from the lessons we’ve learned before. Never in my life, would I believe the sitting President of the United States call out 12 Americans in a McCarthyism like attack in the United States. As you are aware, I was placed at the top of this list.

The last week has brought a tremendous amount of reflections to me, and a lot of unacceptable threats to a company full of amazing people that have helped me support you in this journey.

By now I am sure you know that there was a recent NY Times article attacking me and it was one of the most widely distributed stories in the world. The article was loaded with false statements made about me and my organization.

The report would be laughed at if it were to be submitted for peer review, the groups that created it are funded by dark money and operated by an illegal foreign agent. The press never questioned it, but ran with their orders from above.

I can deal with the CNN crews that chase me by car while I bicycle from my home. I feel sorry for the people in media that have to follow the orders they are given.

It is easy to dismiss the media pawns, but the most powerful individual on the planet has targeted me as his primary obstacle that must be removed. Every three letter agency is at his disposal, and the executive powers have grown beyond what an individual American’s rights can protect against.

A dissenter of medical mandates is now a target and obstacle to be removed. I know – that’s 25 years’ worth of blood, sweat and tears coming down.

I can hardly believe these words are coming out of my mouth. It’s a testament of just how radical things have degenerated in the recent past. However, I will continue to publish new articles, BUT going forward, each article I publish will be available for only 48 hours and will then be removed from the website.

We are at the crossroad where change is unavoidable. We all must make choices that determine our future. To many, this looks like a war … but what we need to find is peace. I am going to find peace through this sacrifice.

Just to be clear, ALL my content will be removed. This includes articles on:

  • Great Reset
  • General nutrition
  • The coronavirus
  • My interviews with experts

These will be removed to appease the individuals in power who have an arsenal of overwhelming tools at their disposal, and are actively engaged in using them. COVID-19 has activated and authorized emergency powers that have weakened our constitutional rights. Sadly, cyberwarfare and authoritarian forces are beyond our abilities to withstand, and this is now our only way forward.

Over 15,000 articles full of vital information that has helped tens of millions across the world take control of their health, will be removed. There was a time when people could debate and respect each other freely. That time is now gone. I believe laws are best applied like medicine – locally and specifically.

Local food, local democracy – our local community strength is the best way to achieve peace moving forward, and to stop authoritarian technocracy. I also believe we are at our strongest when we can care and maintain respect for each other. This is how we can make our most important decisions in life.

Again I will still be writing my daily articles that I started 25 years ago BUT they will only be available for 48 hours before they are removed. In this way I hope to continue my mission to help you take control of your health – but it’s up to you to download, share and repost this content. I will not be enforcing my copyright on this information so that you may freely share it.

Please also encourage others to read “The Truth About COVID-19,” where you will find much of the information from the past two years that people need to read to wake up and open their eyes. I am donating all earnings to the National Vaccine Information Center.

I want to thank all of you that have supported me over the years. I hope you can understand why I have decided to make this dramatic decision and hope the remaining ephemeral articles will be useful for those who wish to read them.

We will continue through these challenging times together, and remember this:

Your body was designed to stay healthy.

You hold in your hands the power to take control of your health.

Never let anyone take your right to health away from you.

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About the Editor

Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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“Mercola is forced to take radical action to preserve his voice by pledging to remove every shred of his web content after 48 hours”  No, he is not “preserving” his voice, because if he was, he would not bow to censorship. He is preserving his $100 million supplement business, which is probably what they threatened to destroy. And he has allowed anyone to copy “his” articles for many years now. Not that he is the one who writes them. He has a well-paid team to ghost write them. He puts out good information and has been a leader in the… Read more »

B. E.

Is America going to stop??? As flawed and wrecked as this country is right now, can’t we at lease even hang on to the wreckage with hope that people will wake up? If the Founding Fathers had shut down resistance to the great empire of England then we would have had no America. But, they did not, and all of them suffered dreadful consequences — loss of life, families, property reputations but not, but not, freedom. Are you saying that the flag does not fly over the “home of the free and the land of the brave”?




If that’s true why are they not going after his supplement business too? That makes absolutely no sense.


How do you know I am wrong? Have you spoken with him directly? He did not say publicly what they threatened him with.

Tammy Nason

What don’t you understand about the fact that his life has been threatened leave him alone


His life has been “threatened” for the last 20 years…

Patricia P Tursi, Ph.D.

Hey truth teller….have you lived under intense threat of death and harassed for years? No one has been more generous with information than he has. But the worst thing about your yellow journalism is that you are presenting your theory as fact. That’s not truthful.


If there is shaming to do here it’s not Mercola, it’s you. Yes, he is preserving a part of his business in this action but he is also keeping people employed and creating a work-around to remain solvent while he stands up for the health rights of people like you. It’s called courage and integrity. He could have just rolled over, taken the hit and continued his website under totalitarian mandates like so many of the compliant. He has not. It sounds as if you have decided anyone who creates wealth is bad. You are confused. There is no ‘big… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Elle
sharon a

Even if Dr. Mercola was protecting his business what is wrong with that?? That business employs people and provides good products that benefit many of us. Is he being unethical? Or corrupt? Or maybe was threatened big time?
Maybe he is withdrawing long enough to reassess in the short term for long term preservation with the greatest benefit for many?


it’s pretty obvious this is more than just his business being threatened. Have you ever heard of gangstalking? I wouldn’t be surprised if he has become a victim of that as of late. And he already said the entire staff of people have been threatened–they probably have made personal attacks on not just mercola or his family but those he works with, too. Just my guess, from how he has decided to handle it. When powers are threatening the lives of those around you, it might make you “bow down to censorship,” as you like to put it. I dont… Read more »


And back to the 1000s of folk who found health thanks to J Mercola ?

Truth teller. Troll ,hmm
“Never say it can’t be done to the ones that are doing it”

Last edited 2 years ago by John

I have been a Mercola subscriber and customer for nearly a decade. But this announcement makes no sense. If he is being threatened, I could see him deleting and stopping articles. But what does removing copyrighting rights and taking down articles in 48 hours accomplish for those that want to silence him. Makes no sense.


but can we trust his content now?


well, when he starts telling his readers that the vaccine is “safe and effective,” that’s where i draw the line! 🙂


so he can publish whatever he wants as he’s always done even if it contradicts the official narrative? so nothing’s changed except for this new 48 hr thing and the deletion of his archive (he says he’s being forced to take this action). hmmm… weird. very weird. he admits that he’s being censored (implied) and is being forced (his word) to remove his archive, but i am to believe that none of this will impact the quality or content of any future publications?


i don’t understand the 48 hr thing. is this some sort of deal dr mercola negotiated with the government? that he and his family will be allowed to live and he will be allowed to continue his business if he agrees to only post content for 48 hrs? this is totally bizarro world. he doesn’t really explain where this 48 hr thing came from. he just says he’s doing it to appease people in power. it really makes no sense to me. if the powers that obviously control him (he actually looks scared and stressed in this video) want him… Read more »


I think it’s just so the media outlets and government cant accuse him of spreading misinformation as easily…if it gets deleted automatically they would have to be on watch 24/7 to “catch” him in the act, I guess. Just my opinion, of course. There might be too much attention on him now at this point to “take him out of the picture” as you put it…think about it…if he suddenly died, everyone who follows him would know foul play, you know he’d become a martyr for the natural health mvt and it would only strengthen it. I also just dont… Read more »


with the technology and personnel they have, it’s not a problem for the government to monitor someone 24/7. so they will most certainly know everything he posts and then deletes. so the 48 hr thing still doesn’t make any sense to me. they will capture all of it. and dr mercola must understand this. so the threat is either not very serious and the 48 hr thing is just some marketing ploy designed to drive eyeballs to his site, or it is serious and his plan is to continue posting to his website with the intention of giving his readers… Read more »


i should have said, “once you TRY, they just take more and more and more of your freedoms.” because you can NEVER appease tyrants. never…

Patricia P Tursi, Ph.D.

As a retired psychologist who performed hundreds of mental disability determinations, I can say that it is ironic that a professional who has millions of worldwide followers, including myself, can be silenced by a president who is functionally incapable of not knowing where he is and incapable of putting words together to make a complete sentence. Of course we all know that the President is not capable of composing the list. What a sad day for our country. I can recall during the 1940’s and WWII, the USA was considered a defender of democracy. We are no longer a Republic,… Read more »


Yes, it feels like TAPS but not just yet. It appears, at the moment, that the dream we dreamed of a world without war full of compassion, equality, brotherhood and tolerance has been usurped and weaponized by the Totalitarians of the UN/WEF. They have even orchestrated a White House coupe to install a puppet POTUS. Did you ever think you’d see that in America? (No, I’m not a Trump supporter) And yes, he’s an idiot but lots of past POTUS selectees were stupid. That’s how we got here. The States have complied with Federal law in the past because POTUS/Congress/Senate… Read more »


“Major countries around the world are protesting the loss of medical and personal freedom, while US Citizens are silent. The CIA practices Mind Control. The pharmaceuticals and chemical companies weaken our minds. Our food is full of GMOs, Glyphosate and other toxins and lack nutrition” I’d only add here that when a mum isn’t allowed to abort her child and then eat it, watch the American people rise up then. They’ll literally go mental, and half the country will burn. In short, America is – in some sense – halloween everyday, except the monsters on the street are very real.… Read more »

B. E.

This announcement does not make any sense. Not in the rationale for his action and not in the response. What’s with the 48 hour stuff??? I didn’t realize the Truth has a shelf life. Didn’t know freedom of speech has a time limit attached to it. Something’s afoot and afoul.


Yes, but I don’t know how/ what that means. Especially here in the UK, which has no second amend ment.

L. John Robinson

In the ‘coin of the realm’, criticism, especially criticism without knowledge, is the smallest current denomination.


Heavy reading
Heavy heart
Been reading Jim Mercola since 2003ish
A light in the darkness
Very sorry to read this sobering news

Ashleigh Huerta

This deeply saddens me as Dr Mercola is a blessing! All Trutthers that stand for Truth before money are special individuals…honestly, I love and respect men and women like Dr Mercola. I will always support him and his stance on truth…beautiful individual…May Almighty God protect him and his family just as all Truthers out there fighting against this tyranny…

Flan O’Brien

Dr Mercola’s response to tyrannical government censorship will become a standard worldwide. “Governments” are following The Script globally for the The Great Reset, presumably because they think they will benefit. Actually “Governments” will become abolished. They do not realise they are selling out their populations for a one time only World Bank / IMF fiat money grab. After that, their families and children will be enslaved with the rest of us. Part of The Script is passing laws that make it impossible to run a website unless one is a corporate actor. The laws forbid anyone from publishing content that… Read more »


…“Governments” will become abolished. They do not realise (sic) they are selling out their populations for a one time only World Bank / IMF fiat money grab.” I beg to disagree. They know exactly what they are doing. Do not give them an out. There is no out for such offensive and radical behaviors worldwide–it’s coordinated and orchestrated. The participating politicos believe they will benefit in the New Covid Order if they act on orders from the UN/WEF/WHO, however dark that becomes. As you can see it’s pretty dark now and is intended to become much, much worse. Logic would… Read more »

This is odd…

“Now ‘Governments’ will have an unmanageably large number of sites to monitor. Genius on the part of Mercola.”

And you don’t think *they* know this? 🤨 The ones who want him censored don’t know that his posted content is being downloaded and disseminated? Can they really be that foolish? This smells fishy. Seems more like they want it to *appear* he is being censored.

Flan O’Brien

Dr Mercola’s strategy can be enhanced if he publishes a list of sites that republish his content.

I hope Patrick will pass on this suggestion.


cant you make all your articles ina single download, like a wikipedia dump.. so we can catch up on what we have missed

[…] Mercola in his excuse making testimonial video has left it to the rest of us, as he made zero effort, to fight the very globalists he’s […]

errol flynn

Is Dr Mercola’s life in danger? Someone with means should help him to vanish for an indeterminate time. Ditch the cell phone; don’t use credit cards; go with cash. Just vanish. We know that the deep satanic state are capable of anything. This is serious friends.


Tell them to FO!


Mercola has made enough money and he decided to retire by creating memory hole of himself on the net. Fortunately, many will not chicken out such as dr. Murray, dr. Madej, dr, Berg, etc.