Mobile Phones: Use Artificial Intelligence Expected To Explode

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AI provides the ultimate mind-control platform, as we will see with the next big push into smart phones. Technocrats do because the can, not because they should.  TN Editor

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the next big growth areas for the mobile industry according to a white paper released by IHS Markit, which specializes in critical information, analytics and solutions.

“We see AI making smart devices even smarter with improved user experiences,” says Ian Fogg, director of mobile and telecom analysis at IHS Markit. “Existing AI agents like Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant will expand across the industry, complemented by embedded AI in all parts of mobile devices from cameras, to audio, to machine. Smartphones will both be the interface for consumer AI and deliver the vast amount of data technology companies need to train AI systems.”

Software investments and partnerships are critical for hardware companies to create smarter AI-enabled experiences, according to the IHS Markit white paper. Vendors such as Apple, Google, Sony, Microsoft and Samsung have heavily invested in the development of their own AI and voice-assistant capabilities. In order to compete, smaller players with less in-house software expertise and resources will be looking to partner-up.

“As Amazon’s Alexa makes its way onto other devices, Google must and will increase the reach of its own Assistant to all Android smartphones—reducing the differentiation for Google’s Pixel smartphone,” Fogg says. “Over five years since Apple’s Siri first launched, Apple must offer new AI-powered capabilities to remain competitive.”

The AI opportunity comes at a time when the global smartphone installed base is still growing, the white paper said. By 2020, the smartphone-installed base will exceed six billion units, up from four billion in 2016, with revenues totaling $355 billion.

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John Dunlap

The Herd rules the world. The so called elites’ power is based entirely on manipulating what The Herd believes and wants. I will not be surprised when it becomes impossible to use any of the tools we’ve come to depend on without voice commands. As market share for physical input devices dips (indicating that enough of The Herd is moving in the desired direction), manufacturers will just stop making such things as keyboards and touchscreens. Don’t believe me? Try finding a TV you can use without the correct remote. Or a corded telephone.