PA Senate Bill SB217 Destroys Parents’ Right To Object To Toxic Vaccinations

Mandatory VaccinationsImage courtesy of NationalBlaze
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As Technocrats in Big Pharma massively lobby state legislatures to make vaccines mandatory for everyone, citizens are losing control over their own lives.  TN Editor

Pennsylvanians are facing a horrendous loss of freedom of healthcare choices together with interference in their constitutional rights relative to valid informed consent and the right to self-determination regarding vaccines/vaccinations, plus the deliberate and mandatory imposition of fraudulent vaccine information regarding pseudoscience in vaccinology from the unfortunate introduction of SB 217 in the current legislative session [2017-18] by four Pennsylvania Senators.

Pennsylvania State Senators Daylin Leach (D-17), Lawrence D Farnese (D-1), Sharif Street (D-3) and Bob Mensch (R-24) introduced into the Harrisburg bill hopper, a draconian bill similar to California’s SB 277, which would deny an individual child and parents their rights to refuse neurotoxic vaccines/vaccinations. SB 217 amends P.L.30, No.14 known as the Public School Code of 1949 as follows:

Section 1303. Immunization Required; Penalty.–* (e) Notwithstanding any rule or regulation to the contrary, a strong moral or ethical conviction similar to a religious belief may not qualify as an exemption from the immunization requirements of this section. [CJF emphasis added] Once passed, the law would go into effect in 60 days!

Although the four Senators, who introduced SB 217, probably are totally ignorant about vaccine ingredients and adverse reactions or the over $3.6 Billion paid by the Vaccine Court for vaccine damages, they seem totally in the dark about how toxic vaccines ingredients are—see the CDC’s list of ingredients here which documents varied ingredients as: several diploid cell lines (human fetus cell lines); aluminum in any of four formulations; formaldehyde; polysorbate 80, which interferes with fertility; various antibiotics; monkey kidney cell lines; hydrocortisone; thimerosal (49.6% ethylmercury); monosodium glutamate; porcine (pig) gelatin; E.coli; chick embryo and chicken fibroblasts; [DNA from porcine circoviruses (PCV) 1 and 2 has been detected in RotaTeq. PCV-1 and PCV-2 are not known to cause disease in humans]; bovine calf serum; artificial colors – just to mention a few of the far-reaching chemicals and foreign DNA injected into infants, toddlers, teens and adults.

Do those four Senators think they are doing the correct thing in mandating every child must take every vaccination on the current vaccine schedule in order to attend school?  According to FOIA information and whistleblowers from within the CDC, who claim fraud occurs in vaccine ‘science’, it would behoove those Senators to do their due diligence in researching vaccines, the CDC’s VAERS reports and HHS/HRSA vaccine damage payouts, instead of probably kowtowing to vaccine manufacturers’ pseudoscience to get more vaccines mandated for Pennsylvania school children.

Glyphosate—think Monsanto’s Roundup®, has been confirmed in most children’s vaccines!  Merck’s MMR II vaccine registered 2.90 ppb!

Would any parent knowingly and willingly give glyphosate/Roundup® to his/her child?  However, vaccines do!

After reading some of the above vaccine ingredients, how do you think parents would be treated by the law and Child Protective Services if they gave the above chemicals and toxins to their children either to eat or to drink?  So now, how come those very same toxic chemicals should be mandated by law to be injected into children in order to attend day care, grade-middle-high school or college?  That should be illegal!  Isn’t that chemical child abuse?





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Steven Lapotsky

It’s time we begin the toxic vaccination of all these socio-psychopathic politicians, who are afflicted by the disease called power and greed- They were elected to preserve, safeguard and protect our God Given Inalienable Natural Rights, so eloquently stated in our Constitution that represents a Free Republic- They can take their man made civil rights, which they give to us and in which they can also take away from us, because they are privileges, not rights- One does not have to ask for permission and one can say no if one possesses a right- Its time these so called honorable… Read more »


I agree with you……Read my comment on flu vaccine copy and forward to anyone you care about and anyone who will even listen….


They’re pushing this in PA to get those pesky Amish under control. In perhaps the most powerful due-to-religion way, they epitomize ‘leave me alone’.


Obama’s science czar wrote a 1,400 page textbook detailing how to secretly sterilize and/or stupefy the masses – to read it, search John Holdren on zombietime com website. Vaccinations are a method of subjugation and control.

Jennie Walsh


Jennie Walsh

Please call your PA state senators to OPPOSE this extremely evil legislation.

Jennie Walsh

Call your PA STATE representative and senators and STOP THIS NIGHTMARE LEGISLATION…. This is Big Buck$ for ORGANIZED CRIME BIG PHARMA and poisons of mercury and herbicide for the people.


Home school your kids, leave the country, these are your choices?


Read my comments under the flu vaccine article! Urgent warning!


Now that many of us have discovered statins are not really good for you the pharmacy industry is now showcasing…. canakinumab……an impossible word to look up because no one can spell or… a new anti-imflammatory drug (is a human monoclonal antibody targeted at interleukin-1 beta). They are saying it will fix anything you want to toss at it…heart disease….arthritis…the list goes on and on and the research is done by…you guessed it….the producers of the drug! I just tell my doctors…you can take anything out but you cannot put anything in!