Singapore Restaurant First To Serve Lab-Grown Chicken

Image: Eat Just
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Technocrat scientists who are bent on outdoing nature seek to take over the role of “creator” and use the laboratory to re-create everything from DNA , plants, animals and yes, the food we eat. ⁃ TN Editor

Lab-grown chicken meat will make its debut at a Singapore restaurant in a culinary first this weekend after the company behind the product announced its inaugural sale Wednesday.

US start-up Eat Just said earlier this month that its product had

been approved for sale in the city-state as an ingredient in chicken nuggets after Singapore became the first country to allow meat created without slaughtering any animals to be sold.

Consumption of animals is an environmental threat as cattle produce potent greenhouse gas methane, while logging to create pastures destroys natural barriers against climate change.

On Wednesday, the company said it had made its first commercial sale of the product to 1880, a restaurant in Robertson Quay, a posh riverside entertainment centre.

Eat Just chief executive Josh Tetrick said the news “moves us closer to a world where the majority of meat we eat will not require tearing down a single forest, displacing a single animal’s habitat or using a single drop of antibiotics”.

The restaurant will start serving it from Saturday, the company said.

Three cultured chicken dishes will be served, “each bite influenced by a top chicken-producing country in the world: China, Brazil and the United States”, the statement added.

“This is a very exciting collaboration for me,” said Colin Buchan, the restaurant’s executive chef who used to cook for footballer David Beckham.

“I think people are going to love it.”

Demand for sustainable meat alternatives is rising due to growing pressure from consumers about the environment and animal welfare, but other products in the market are plant-based.

Meat consumption is projected to increase more than 70 percent by 2050, and lab-grown alternatives have a role to play in ensuring a secure food supply, the company said.

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… and logging for wind farms and wood burning power stations (aka biomass) doesn’t cause climate change lucky methane from fracking totally harmless ..

of course recent solar flares and low sunspot activity doesn’t affect climate???

sarcasm intended

Sapere Audete

Hopefully it gets bankrupt.

Typhoon Sparklepants