Top French TV Weatherman Gets Canned For Opposing Climate Change
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TN Note: The broadcaster said that Verdier was not allowed to use his position to declare his personal beliefs, even though writing a book is not a TV appearance. However, the broadcaster itself is 100 percent free to disseminate its own positive views on climate change. The bottom line is outright suppression of freedom of thought and the right to dissent.

A popular weatherman has been sacked by a leading French news channel after condemning top climate change experts.

Philippe Verdier, who has become a household name for delivering weather forecasts on France 2, has claimed leading scientists and politicians have made people “hostage to a planetary scandal over climate change” in his new book, Climat Investigation (Climate Investigation), The Local reports.

The controversial book has caused France 2 to take Mr Verdier off the air this week, with the channel’s bosses allegedly sending him on a “forced holiday”.

Mr Verdier told RTL radio, the news channel’s decision was a “direct extension of what I say in my book, namely that any contrary views must be eliminated.”

The book primarily attacks the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, saying the organisation “blatantly erased” data that was contrary to their conclusions and doubts the accuracy of the IPCC’s climate models.

It also claims top climate scientists have been “manipulated and politicised”.

A particularly controversial chapter of the book describes the “positive results” of climate change in France, a country expected to be one of those least affected by the phenomenon.

“It’s politically incorrect and taboo to vaunt the merits of climate change because there are some,” he writes.

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