Western Auto Giants Accused Of Spying On Citizens For Chinese Government

Image: Ford
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Ford, Tesla, Volkswagen, BMW and 200 more carmakers are feeding location data to the Chinese government. That this data would not be used to augment citizen oppression is inconceivable. The fact is, electric autos already transmit location data to the automaker; they are merely turning it over to control-freak Technocrats. Americans should take a very hard look at Tesla and Ford, remembering the Elon Musk’s grandfather was the Canadian leader of Technocracy, Inc. in Canada during the 1930s and 1940s. Ford has always leaned toward Technocracy, playing to a key theme in Huxley’s Brave New World, where time was measured as AF, or ‘Anno Ford’. Apparently neither Ford nor Tesla care that they are helping enslave 20% of the human race in China, and if true, would they do it to the other 80%? The answer is self-evident! ⁃ TN Editor

Global car giants are feeding real-time information from electric vehicles to China’s ‘big brother’ government, it’s been reported.

The revelations come as President Xi Jinping is accused of stepping up the use of tech to track the movements of his citizens.

More than 200 car makers – including Tesla, Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, Nissan, and Mitsubishi – have been passing on the info.

The Associated Press has revealed they have been sending at least 61 data points to government-backed monitoring platforms.

However, the auto manufacturers say they are merely complying with local laws, which only apply to alternative energy vehicles.

And Chinese officials say the data is only used for analytics to improve public safety, infrastructure planning and prevent fraud.

But critics say the information collected exceeds those goals and could even be used for surveillance purposes.

Under Xi, China has been accused of using tech to “police” anything perceived threats to the ruling Communist Party.

Ding Xiaohua, of the Shanghai Electric Vehicle Public Data Collecting, Monitoring and Research Centre said it is not facilitating state surveillance.

However, data can be shared with police, prosecutors or courts, if a formal request is made.

The centre is registered as a non-profit but is tightly aligned with and funded by the government.

“To speak bluntly, the government doesn’t need to surveil through a platform like ours,” Ding said.

Many vehicles in the US, Europe and Japan already transmit position information back to automakers

They then feed it to tracking apps, maps that pinpoint nearby amenities etc, but the data stops there.

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