Biblical Christianity Likened To QAnon As A Conspiracy Theory

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The big guns of the “cancel culture” are being leveled at Bible-believing Christians, likening them to members of QAnon. This article may offend some Christians, but it’s time to wake up to how globalization is recasting Christianity as an extremist threat to national security and the scape goat for all sorts of spurious charges. āƒ TN Editor

Many people around the world looked on aghast as they witnessed the harm done by conspiracy theories such asĀ QAnonĀ and theĀ myth of the stolen US electionĀ that led to the attack on the US Capitol Building on January 6. Yet while these ideas will no doubt fade in time, there is arguably a much more enduring conspiracy theory that also pervades America in the form ofĀ young Earth creationism. And itā€™s one that we cannot ignore because it is dangerously opposed to science.

In the US today,Ā up to 40% of adultsĀ agree with the young Earth creationist claim that all humans are descended from Adam and Eve within the past 10,000 years. They also believe that living creatures are the result of ā€œspecial creationā€ rather than evolution and shared ancestry. And that Noahā€™s flood was worldwide and responsible for the sediments in theĀ geologic columnĀ (layers of rock built up over millions of years), such asĀ those exposed in the Grand Canyon.

Such beliefs derive from the doctrine ofĀ biblical infallibility, long accepted as integral to the faith of numerous evangelical and Baptist churches throughout the world, including theĀ Free Church of Scotland. But I would argue that the present-day creationist movement is a fully fledgedĀ conspiracy theory. It meets all theĀ criteria, offering a complete parallel universe with its own organisations and rules of evidence, and claims that the scientific establishment promoting evolution is an arrogant and morally corrupt elite.

This so-called elite supposedlyĀ conspiresĀ to monopolise academic employment and research grants. Its alleged objective isĀ to deny divine authority, and the ultimate beneficiary and prime mover is Satan.

Creationism re-emerged in this form in reaction to the mid-20th century emphasis on science education. Its key text is the long-time best seller,Ā The Genesis Flood, by John C Whitcomb and Henry M Morris. This provided the inspiration for Morrisā€™s ownĀ Institute for Creation Research, and for its offshoots,Ā Answers in GenesisĀ andĀ Creation Ministries International.

Ken Ham, the founder and chief executive of Answers in Genesis, is also responsible for the highly lucrativeĀ Ark EncounterĀ theme park andĀ Creation MuseumĀ in Kentucky. As a visit to any of these websites will show, their creationism is completely hostile to science, while paradoxically claiming to be scientific.

These are common conspiracy theory tactics at play. Creationists go to great lengths to demonise the proponents of evolution, and to undermine the overwhelming evidence in its favour.

There are numerous organisations, among themĀ Biologos, theĀ American Scientific Affiliation, theĀ Faraday Institute, and theĀ Clergy Letter Project, which describes themselves as ā€œan endeavour designed to demonstrate that religion and science can be compatibleā€, that is, promoting evolution science within the context of religious belief. Even so, creationists insist on linking together the separate topics of evolution,Ā materialist philosophy, and the promotion ofĀ atheism.

According to Answers in Genesis,Ā evolution science is a work of Satan, while former US Congressman Paul Broun has described it as ā€œa lie straight from the pit of hellā€. When he said that, by the way, he was a member of the House of RepresentativesĀ Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.

LikeĀ other conspiracy theorists, creationists immunise themselves from fact-based criticism. They label the study of the past as based on unprovable assumptions, thus disqualifying in advance the plain evidence of geology.

They then attack other evidence by focusing on specific frauds, such asĀ Piltdown manĀ ā€“ a hoax skeleton purportedly of a missing link between humans and other apes that was debunked more than 60 years ago ā€“ or the dinosaur-bird amalgam ā€œArchaeoraptorā€, discredited by sharp-eyed scientists before ever making it into the peer-reviewed literature (although not beforeĀ making it into National Geographic).

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About the Editor

Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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The problem with man is that they reject the truth.
Psalm 19:7
The law of the Lord is PERFECT. .. inerrant, infallible. So we young Earth creationist abide by it.
Read the entire Psalm


Let’s quote it right please. “The law of the LORD is perfect converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple.” Psalm 19:7 KJV

Paul Carline

Sorry! The “Myth of the stolen US election”?? Have you watched “Absolute Proof”? Did you see the computer printouts of the digital ‘traffic’ between the Dominion tabulating machines in the US and individuals and servers in China and other places? Have you seen the videos of the people pulling boxes and suitcases of paper ballots out from under a table in the early hours of the morning when counting had been suspended due to an alleged “broken water main”. Or of the trucks delivering multiple boxes of fake paper ballots to a counting centre? Have you heard of the thousands… Read more »


Everything about this article is intellectually satisfying except this misstatement of fact. Please do the research. The election was indeed stolen. The evidence is overwhelming. All you have to do is look beyond the legacy media propaganda to find the truth… not to mention the use of mere common sense.


I dare say you are right, I believe and am praying for God’s judgment on all the evil doers and probably the whole nation for that matter, AND I am praying for JUSTICE to follow! God is not done yet even though it seems like He has abandon us to the covens of satan!

Corona Coronata

It will be rude awakening for Christians when the Noahide Laws will be enforcedā€¦
On Israeli News Live – More Noahide, Biden, Islam, BLM, Freemasonry –


I cant help but feel indignation rising as I read this. In college right now and am running into these controversies constantly


Do not fall for the claim that no scientist believes in God or even Creationism and can’t get a job if they do. That is total bunk. One resource is a book titled “In Six Days: Why Fifty Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation”.

Fujian Xiamen Guo

The problem with Yahoo brand of Christianity is that it is both anti-faith, and anti-reason. Protestantism is a new invention, and was infiltrated by the likes of John Calvin, a Crypto-Jew who murdered Our Lord and His Disciples, and the cult of the Fat English King who went on a murder and sex rampage on his many wives, and a horny German Augustinian Monk who raised convents with his horny band of monks ravaging nuns… You people should stop the silliness manure kicking, and come-and-see the real Christianity preserved from the beginning… No, not Latin / Roman Catholicism… Think! What… Read more »


Authentic Christianity is faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone through the word of God alone. The true faith is believing that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures, and that he was buried and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures. 1 Corinthians 15:3b-4. All other religions demand you do something, pay something. But Authentic Christianity’s Savior who is Jesus Christ paid it all, did all for all. “For by grace are ye saved, through faith; and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God: Not of works (effort), lest any… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by justsayin

AMEN, justsayin!


Jesus Christ Jewish? No, he was an Israelite from the tribe of Judah, not a Jew. Jew is Ashkenazi or Khazar descendant.

Patricia P Tursi, PhD.

As a person who has had extra human experiences, I worry that the vaccines will block our ability to be spiritually attuned I do not consider myself religious which I consider to be a political system. But as a psychotherapist, many clients have spiritual experiences in their healing process.


I have been reading a very good book by Samuel J. Andrews called, “Christianity & Anti-Christianity in its final conflict”. It was written in the late 1800’s and it for sure applies today. It has been less than 6,000 years since God created the heavens and the earth. Though Evolutionist’s, Liberals, The Oxford Movement, Jesuits, Atheist’s, Textual Critics, and Scientists have vehemently with seething venom denied Biblical truth even to hatred of such, the so called church has done more damage than all of them combined, and it will be the Church that will persecute true believer’s. Because they lost… Read more »

Chance Pardoner

Please do not copy CNN by using the term “myth of the stolen election”. I live in Georgia and we can’t get a court hearing approved by a judge so that we, the voters, can audit Fulton county ballots. Pollworkers were videotaped scanning and rescanning ballots in an otherwise empty room . A massive amount of ballots appeared for Biden at 4am. Please inform yourself. Look at Peter Navarro’s excellent report that some true journalist should have produced.


The pic of the ark is from the one in Kentucky. I was privileged to visit there 3 yrs ago when I went to Ohio for a wedding from Oregon. As I got out of my car and looked towards the Ark, about a mile away. I felt as if I was back there with Noah, my spirit soared. I felt the Lord take me back all those millennium ago, and I just said aloud NOAH. The man God chose to save this race of humans! It was a life altering experience, as when I visited Israel and was at… Read more »


It is unfortunate that sites like this add fodder to the conspiracy that the election was not stolen…the evidence is overwhelming and has not been seen or heard because there has yet to be a court to hear and see the evidence…on 2/19/21 the SCOTUS will have a conference on the illegal voting changes made in swing states without legislative authority…just because this site chooses not to see the truth does not mean truth does not exist…


Biblical Christianity is only a Conspiracy Theory to those never written in the book of life:


THERE ARE SO FEW CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA NOW,when the LORD comes to take his people to heaven .NO ONE will know it happened,the churches worship money NOT THE LORD,everyone was warned to stand up and stop the evil in america,there were NO MEN to stand up,the worse bloodbath war in history is about to start and no one cares..(jeremiah 51:30)all the men believe their women now,and the women believe their men..THIS IS A RECIPE for death,and it’ll be a bloodbath..cowards don’t win wars and they make loosey slaves…FREEDOM IS FOR COWARDS,america lost their freedom, the day the churches handed their… Read more »


Read The Bible starting on page 1 of Genesis & keep reading. Cheers!

Cindy Lewis

After reading “the myth of the stolen election” I stopped reading. Obviously, the person who wrote this article cannot be trusted.

Roger Dat

Dear Friend, Your problem will always be ‘the bible’, otherwise known as God’s Holy and Living Word to His children, is also comprised of roughly 30% prophesy. It is the only book in human history to write future events (with dates) which have all but a few of those events remaining to unfold. None dare enter the prophesy realm of the bible to debunk it, as mosr now realize the mathematics are proven above reproach. In fact, many of the smartest people throughout history who took the deep dive in targeting the date setting/math in God’s Word surrendered and repented… Read more »

Roger Dat

Thank you Sir. Christians need not be warned about what this world has coming for them, they already know. Fear lives in flesh and the flesh rots and dies, but the will of God and His redemption provided by way of Yeshua lives eternal. Rather than looking so hard at the world and what its doing (passing away), try spending more time in the Holy Spirit asking God His opinion. You may be surprised with the answers He provides. The plan of this world has been written already. If you truly want to help “christians”, lead them to the seven… Read more »

Miryam Elisheva

The comment that all creation has the same ancestry is faulty. All creation has the same Creator. Creatures are going to somewhat alike because there is one Creator, the LORD, Jesus the Christ, and the Holy Spirit. For instance, if a person is an art expert, that person recognizes the artist paintings no matter what the artist paints. There is a similarity amongst the paintings.