Illinois Bill Proposes To Strip Unvaxxed Of Their Health Insurance

Illinois house of representatives
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This idea to punish the non-injected keeps cropping up and will eventually gain traction if it is not resisted. Dystopian social engineers will not stop at getting vaxxed. Don’t wear a mask? Smoke? Disobey a lockdown? Too fat? Forget it, if your condition doesn’t destroy you, then they will. ⁃ TN Editor

Illinois Representative Jonathan Carroll wants to push through a change to the state’s insurance law that would mean health insurers no longer have to cover unvaccinated people who get Covid, forcing people to pay their medical bills out of pocket.

The Democrat lawmaker told the Chicago Sun-Times:

I think it’s time that we say ‘You choose not to get vaccinated, then you’re also going to assume the risk that if you do catch COVID, and you get sick, the responsibility is on you,’”

The potential corruption and abuse of such a rule should be obvious to anyone familiar with just how mendacious insurance companies can be.

In all likelihood insurance companies will simply demand a negative Covid test before paying anything, and if you test positive, no matter what you were treated for, you will be called a “covid case” and forced to pay out of pocket.

The bill could, essentially, wipe all health insurance off the books for unvaccinated people.

The vaccinated should take no comfort from this, because their vaccinated status is entirely temporary, and subject to rules that could change on a whim.

Any “double jabbed” who misses a booster, or got a brand of vaccine that was subsequently unapproved or discontinued, or wasn’t updated for the latest variant, could suddenly find themselves one of the “unvaccinated” underclass.

Of course, once it applies to vaccination status it can apply to other things. You travelled to the wrong place, or you didn’t wear a mask, you “associated with known anti-vaxxers”.

And, even more concerning, is the potentially slippery slope this starts us down. Unvaccinated don’t get health insurance. Neither do smokers who get lung cancer. Or overweight people who get diabetes. And so on and so on.

The potential good news is that putting this law on the books would require a lot of legal workarounds, including violating or changing the Affordable Care Act, which outlaws removing insurance coverage from someone based on a new medical diagnosis or test result.

The editorial board of the Chicago Sun-Times already came out against the move, calling it unfair, warning of the same slippery slope I mentioned above, whilst at the same time arguing “the willfully unvaccinated should pay a price”, and be charged more for their insurance.

Given that response, it’s possible Mr Carroll’s role here is to set out an unacceptably extreme position, so the intended plan of higher insurance premiums for unvaccinated people seems more reasonable by comparison.

But, whether genuine or not, and whether it comes to fruition or not, the very fact the suggestion was made is a damning condemnation of the times. It would be a truly terrible precedent to set.

Once you start putting stipulations on healthcare, you don’t stop.

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Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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Can someone please explain this to me?! SO…..individuals (NON HUMANS) who have been injected with the deadly EXPERIMENTAL BIO-WEAPON INJECTIONS…..WILL get to have insurance, but those HUMANS, who aren’t going to drop dead, any time soon, will NOT be able to get insurance?? Are these Ins Co.’s PAYING OUT, when individuals drop dead from this BIO-WEAPON? Is there anyone looking into THAT?? Seems to me, if all of these individuals, who have been injected with the BIO-WEAPON, are all going to drop dead in the near future…….THAT doesn’t sound like a very SOUND business model, to me. These Ins Co.’s… Read more »


The insurance company OneAmerica CEO Scott Davidson has already spoke that the death rate for vaccinated has increased 40% compared to pre-pandemic times, and the claims for long term disability has also spike. I don’t know how they are going to keep up, but you can see in the video here and the transcription has been published here:


More Black mail!


If I remember correctly, all US and state representatives and senators are exempt from taking the jab! If that be the case, then this liberal should be treated as an “unvaxed” person and have his insurance pulled. Let’s be fair!


Well, at the rate we go, hospitals and mainstream medical care are not that appealing. I would rather pay out of pocket or choose to die at home around my love ones. So the Chicago lawmakers can stuff their 3rd world countries medical system in their pockets. Chicago People have some decency and pride.


Who trusts doctors and hospitals anymore? It reminds me of the Hotel California song. “You can check-out any time you like

But you can never leave!”

I know that song is about a drug overdose, but isn’t that what we are talking about? And the dancing in the hallways reminds me of the dancing nurses when they said we had an epidemic, they were partying and living it up. Strange world we live in.


By being blessed to have the funds to pay for and get clean antioxidants and good nutrition. I get better healthcare and results tending to myself. But I know people who will continue to take bio-weapons until they take them out. Can’t help those people since they believe too many lies to help themselves.


assume the risk that if you do catch COVID

I am soooo aaafraaaiiiid of this (sarcasm)… Especially if I can get some Ivermectin, but that won’t be necessary, cause this little covid very rarely succeed in killing their hosts.

CM Hogan

Funny how the government will attack the people yet won’t hold vaccine makers responsible for vaccine injuries.


Sounds like a never-ending scam to me. You can start out with one problem and end up with dozens more. I do my utmost with nutrition to try and live outside the medical prison.


I bet fascists would love the idea of forcing people to pay for Medicaid or other health insurance while denying them medical treatment because they are wise enough to spare themselves the sufferings from taking voodoo medicines. Since folks want to eliminate medical treatments to everyone who reject covid jabs or whatever. Will they eliminate the insurance premiums and the Medicare deductions that are snatched from every paycheck? I doubt it. Money and control over peoples’ lives is all that some folks care about anyway.

Mel Kozun

But smokers, drinkers, drug abusers and unfit obese, ALL BY CHOICE, are OK???