Technocrats Freak Out Over CDC’s 6% COVID Death Figure

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Well, first Technocrats and leftist media blame Qanon. Q is crazy, right? Then they point to Trump for retweeting that same number: if Trump said it, it must be false, right? After Twitter deleted everyone else’s tweets about it, the media figured it had to be fake news, right?

Within hours, every major publication was blasting anyone and everyone who dared to “misinterpret” the CDC’s latest finding. You have to leave the interpreting part to the experts, they say, to the epidemiologists and to the scientists. Mere citizens are simply too ignorant and uneducated to understand lofty mathematical concepts like 6% or complicated medical terms like comorbidity.

Fools, all.

The CDC’s website clearly and definitively states:

For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.

What is unclear about this?

It is a really pathetic pandemic where only 6% of deaths are due exclusively to COVID-19. Stack that up against the Black Plague, TB or Ebola.

The freak-outs want you to instead focus on the 94% who died with a plethora of comorbidity conditions. Some of the most common ones mentioned in the study are:

Influenza, pneumonia, hypertensive diseases, heart disease, cardiac arrest, heart failure, diabetes, alzheimers, renal failure and on and on. 

Patients with these other conditions also just happened to test positive for COVID-19, and that’s all it took to be recorded as a COVID death. What’s more, the average patient had an average of 2.6 of these other factors when they died.

Even a motorcycle crash victim who died on the scene tested positive for COVID. His death was recorded as COVID until some locals pointed out the sheer stupidity of such a categorization and it was ultimately rescinded.

OK, Look. Dying WITH COVID is not the same as dying FROM COVID. Only 6% died FROM COVID exclusively. The other 94% died WITH COVID.

Did anybody make an assessment of how many of the 94% would have died anyway, even if they did not have COVID? Nope. Not a one, so we’ll never know for sure. But even a baseball bat could figure out that there has been a significant number who were headed for their earthly exit no matter what else they contracted along the way.

But, why would Technocrats freak out so bad over this viral CDC announcement (pun intended)? Because it puts their entire narrative in jeopardy.

No more panic over a pandemic would mean no more face masks, no more social distancing, no more lockdowns, no need for vaccines, no more funding, no more “Karens”, no more social engineering. It means Anthony Fauci would be released into permanent retirement, sans a fortune in lost profits from his Big Pharma investments. Worst of all, it would mean that they were WRONG, and to a Technocrat, being wrong is a cardinal sin.

Note to Technocrats, their minions and all their political and media stooges: Get lost and don’t come back!

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Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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“OK, Look. Dying WITH COVID is not the same as dying FROM COVID. Only 6% died FROM COVID exclusively. The other 94% died WITH COVID.”

And even that 94% is BS!! Since the ‘test’, itself, IS BS!!! The ‘test’ does NOT……TEST……FOR…..A……VIRUS!!!!! PERIOD!

Sharon W.

It would be interesting to know if any of those 6% received a Flu shot anytime prior? Or any who died, for that matter? Some have speculated there could be a connection. Always a big push for Flu Shots.
I had a Flu Shot 2 decades ago, for a job, that sent my heart into cardiac arrest. Never again!!! Toxic.


They…the cabal…are pushing 72 shots until age 18…, quote Del Bigtree

David H

Sorry Patrick, I do respect most of what you write and visit this site at least weekly, but this 6% argument is facile, and unworthy of you. Do you understand how few people die of anything without at least one co-morbidity? When the pre-Covid average life expectancy was well over 80 for both sexes in western populations, how many of the over 80s do you think die without a second contributing disease? The over 70s? The over 60s? The answer is, very, very few. So a tiny minority of Covid deaths occur in otherwise 100% well people – well, let’s… Read more »


Great article Patrick. Here in Australia they kill old people slowly with malnutrition in nursing homes. Dehydration is ubiquitous. Along comes the virus. If the Govt cared a fig they would give them food not junk. They don’t really care it is a farce. A shocking new study reveals aged care home spent an average of $6.08 per resident to provide residents with three meals a day. Michael Gannon, president of the Australian Medical Association, describes this as a “national disgrace”. A recent study described at least half the residents in Australian aged care homes as suffering malnutrition. Malnutrition increases… Read more »

Dano Wright

I can say that my stay in “Nursing Home” was enlightening. Dietary Manager was allowed $1.45 per meal to feed us. .Mostly carbs, even for DIABETICS. When asked,the answer was. Well, just dont eat it…!!! So a DIABETIC was to starve, or worsen their condition. The monthly “fee” was about $6K to stay there.

Not to mention the neglect of basic hygene as in diaper changes or showers….
Sent many files to state regulatory agencies….no clue if followed up.
I escaped and immediately health improved!!!

USJoe Freedom

Don’t be a clown and a sheep David. The government lied and now they are caught. They have been listing covid as cause of death when it wasn’t in order to panic and control the populous. The cat is out of the bag.

just sayin

LOL! Coming from know it all “Scholar” James White. There is nothing he doesn’t know just ask him. Not only that he is a Greek Scholar to boot, just ask him. He is arrogant, and uncorrectable and not to be trusted in matters of faith for sure, but I did not know he was a medical expert too. LOL!

John Wilson

Do you have something to offer besides ad hominem attacks against Dr. White?

What *exactly* is incorrect about Dr. White’s blog post? Can you point to something factually incorrect that he said?

Harvey B.

I’d say that what’s ‘incorrect’ is saying this isn’t worth discussing. Yes, people who understand that Covid-19 has been grossly over-reported and is generally not serious except for people who are very unhealthy and very old, or very, very unhealthy, already expected something like 6% (which still gives the wrong impression of the risk to the average person under 55). But since too many people think this is the Black Death, instead of less dangerous than a moderate flu (except that there was no herd immunity to start with, but we seem to be getting to it now), having the… Read more »


So, one or more comorbidities w/CV fatally pushed them thru death’s door. Some people have known “underlying conditions” and others’ health status isn’t known – some of the latter will be easy victims because they’ve got an unidentified health issue (or maybe they knew but their PCP didn’t), and some of the latter who really are healthy will get a mild case of CV infection. I.e., just because there was no known underlying condition doesn’t = the person was healthy. Lots of ppl are completely unaware of their health status: hypertension, diabetes, aneurysm, Altzheimer’s (starts decades before overt symptoms), latent… Read more »

Harvey B.

This is why I think the 6% is probably inflated. Just like the number of cases, and the number of deaths.

Alexander Tschöpe

Thanks for the report. I am from Germany (sorry for the mistakes in spelling and grammar!) and additionally to the wrong counting of “deaths” I can tell you this: For sure everything is inflated: Number of cases example donÂŽt include (or talk about) number of false positives, which is estimated (at least) 1.4-2.x%, so if you test 100000 people, you always get 1400-2000 positives, even if they are in reality negative. If you would have this test ratio with a pregnancy test, and you tested 100000 men, 1400-2000 of them would officially be announced as “pregnant”. This is especially important… Read more »

Ken Steorts

Line up the CDC 6% argument with the (unbelievably underwatched) chart of typical deaths in a year. Obvious that the 6% argument is relatively close to ACTUAL impact. Now, the 200k extra deaths that MSM has reported need to be considered but I’m doubtful. Personally, still be careful and follow reasonable (and long past) “flatten the curve” directives together but not this fiasco we are currently in of finger-pointing, liability-avoiding, self-perpetuating helplessness.


The extra deaths could easily be a result of Dr’s refusing to treat otherwise treatable conditions, during this outbreak, in the elderly. They put seniors on a pathway whilst playing GOD.


Another unanswered question is:
How many of those who died WITH Covid would have died WITHOUT it?


approximately 94%.


Interesting article that points out that the “pandemic” is not as problematic as first thought. This information also highlights we can vote in person, as a Navy veteran who has had to absentee ballot vote I can tell you the difference between absentee balloting and widespread voter mail-out. I served on an aircraft carrier with 5,000 sailors, the government did not just mail out 5,000 absentee ballots to the ship and say, “don’t forget to vote”, nope, you have to request the form or you do not get to vote. I sincerely believe that if the left thought all the… Read more »


The ‘pandemic’ was only ever problematic for those that believed the lie. Many knew straight off the bat this was a scam because their eyes had been opened long before to media and political manipulation. The biggest issue for those already awake has been awakening others to the truth.


Just imagine what the death toll would look like if deaths from the common cold were counted the same way Covid deaths are counted – we’d have another “deadly epidemic” on our hands lol.

C. Wyatt Hertz

You just don’t drive a stake into the heart of the accepted narrative without lots of uninformed or just plain false blowback. OMG, people may have to go back to work!!


Don’t talk nonsense. Covid-19 should never be the primary cause of death. Like all viruses it triggers other conditions that lead to death, conditions like Acute Respiratory Disorder, Heart attacks, strokes, renal failure. It’s these other conditions that should be listed as the prime (or proximal) cause of death. What’s more the patients might not have had these conditions prior to having covid-19 or had them but would have lived with them for many more years.

I refer you to coronavirus video 106 from Dr Roger Seheult of Medcram for details.