By Any Other Name, Globalism is Technocracy, Not Communism

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In a feature article on Eagle Forum website Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh cites Agenda 21 and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’, concluding that the greatest threat to humanity is Socialism/Communism 2.0.

First, let me plainly state that I have corresponded with Dr. Paugh and have the utmost respect for her.  She is a very well studied and worthy patriot, but in this case, she has fallen into the trap of identifying all of this as Communism rather than Technocracy. 

This is not unusual, either, because we have been well-conditioned that Communism is the only choice to make when we need an enemy to blame for society’s dysfunction. Further, having lived under Communism for 20 years in her native Romania, she has every reason to point to Communism as the enemy. 

Admittedly, Technocracy and Communism have some surface commonalities. For instance, they both manifest collectivism and both are autocratic as far as subjects are concerned. Technocracy is far worse, however, because it will result in a dystopian Scientific Dictatorship from which there is no escape.

Philosophically, Technocracy is rooted in Scientism that was originally expressed by the French philosopher, Henri de Saint Simon. Communism sprang from Karl Marx, et. al: Different roots and different outcomes. 

In the 1930s,  Communists and Technocrats hated each other. Calling a Technocrat a Communist, or vice versa, could easily spark a fist-fight – and there were actually a few of those! There were a plethora of articles that appeared in the days media where both sides shot barbs at each other for being totally screwed up. (We can say today that they were both screwed up, but I digress.)

Furthermore, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who teamed up with David Rockefeller to found the elitist Trilateral Commission in 1973, wrote in 1970 that Marxism was a necessary stepping-stone to the final age, which he characterized as the Technetronic Era. This is still my analysis today. Today’s Communists are the useful idiots of Technocracy, and they will be the first to be thrown under the bus if Technocracy wins the battle. 

It was Brzezinski in 1986 who almost single-handedly brought China out of its dark ages and onto the world stage. At that time, China was indeed a Communist dictatorship, and a brutal one at that. Brezinski promoted the Trilateral Commission’s New International Economic Order, which we know recognize as warmed-over Technocracy from the 1930s. By 2000, global academics were calling China a Technocracy. The trappings of Communism are still visible, but China is now managed with an iron fist by scientists and engineers who are using the “Science of Social Engineering” that early Technocrats crowed about in the 1930s. Today’s China model, highly regarded by the global elite, is the pattern for the rest of the world. 

In sum, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development economic system (Communism and Socialism are predominantly political systems) is fundamentally identical to historic Technocracy, which I thoroughly documented in my Technocracy series of books. It was spoon-fed to the United Nations by a prominent European member of the Trilateral Commission, Gro Harlem Brundtland, in 1987 with the book, Our Common Future.

The UN has declared on multiple occasions that its goal is to replace Capitalism and Free Enterprise with Sustainable Development. Ocasio-Cortez is part of this plot to destabilize Capitalism so that her Green New Deal, aka Technocracy and Sustainable Development, can swoop in. 

I can agree with Dr. Paugh that those who don’t learn from history must repeat it, no matter how disastrous. In this case, it is critical to get an accurate view of history so that we know the enemy we are really fighting. In my view, it is Technocracy, not Communism.  

Here is the full text of Dr. Paugh’s original article.

Communism Making Comeback as Globalism

“It’s a brave new world,” one in which radicals are elected to high office in a system more corrupt and ignorant than ever imagined possible. The voters believe in the “shiny illusions of socialist/communist hell and are racing to implementation.”

Americans are not quite sure when the surge to communism finally planted its roots in the population at large and things began to change. Some argue it was the 1950s, others the 1960s. Over time, the corrupt main stream media and the progressive-controlled education system brought us slowly but surely to today, when good people are overwhelmed by manufactured news and personal attacks meant to marginalize anyone who disagrees with the socialist agenda, while the entire system of liberty and justice for all is collapsing.

The dangerous cult of personality which mesmerized an entire nation into submission to a magical black president now includes Millennials like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York), who, despite her International Relations degree, is, by her own admission, totally ignorant of world politics, and two Muslim women who took their oath on a book that contradicts everything our Constitution stands for and are flinging vulgarities and anti-Israel /anti-American insults to the American public.

The same MSM that gives them ample air time to insult anyone who disagrees with them was mostly silent when three new Congressmen, real American heroes and Purple Heart recipients, were sworn in, the “5 eyes, 5 arms, 4 legs … All American,” as Rep. Mast said. Jim Baird (R-Indiana) lost his left arm in Vietnam. Brian Mast (R-Florida) lost both legs in Afghanistan. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) lost his right eye in Afghanistan. Nobody saw them on the evening news but air time was extended ad nauseam to the “new breed of women politicians” who offends us with overt anti-Americanism.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s strong and strange socialist charisma appeals to a large segment of the American population, liberals and Democrats alike, who have made a cult hero out of a former bartender.

Maduro of Venezuela was a taxi driver before he became president. He appealed to low-information voters who have now managed to self-destruct under the leadership or lack thereof of a socialist, long on rhetoric and short on the knowledge of how to successfully lead a country rich in petroleum, a formerly prosperous nation, now a basket case of poverty, rationing, and hunger. He drove it into the ground, turning it into the hell-hole of socialism that it is today.

The Cuban model, the Castro brothers’ communist dictatorship, ended in disaster in Venezuela just as it did everywhere else socialism/communism had been tried.

Should she be ignored in the hope that she goes away back to the obscurity she came from? Liberals are already talking of making her president. People with real skill, intellect, sound judgment, and logical arguments must speak out with intelligence and force. But when they do, would anybody listen?

I am not at all surprised that young and old Americans alike are suddenly infatuated with the empty promises of socialism and communism and do not listen to reason. Decades of socialist indoctrination in public schools and progressive MSM are finally paying off for Democrats and their globalist fellow travelers.

In the country of my birth, where millions have suffered and died under the boot of socialism and of Ceausescu’s Communist Party dictatorship, there does not appear to exist a significant and strong conservative wing, and politics in Parliament swing back and forth between socialists and communists. How is that possible when their parents and extended families lived in such hell of fear and brutal oppression for decades?

Young generations, with their smart phones, cars, plenty of food, and other electronic gadgets produced by capitalism, indoctrinated by schools and the media into believing that free-market capitalism poses a fundamental threat to their avowed neo-communism.

Young Romanians view any foreigners, no matter how poor in their own countries and how far left leaning they are, as rich capitalists who abuse and steal from the poor. Their parents have been told for decades under communism that capitalists exploit the working class and are out to steal their rights to utopian communism, thus leaving them hungry, cold, and poor in perpetuity. It is extraordinarily bizarre to see young generations, with their smart phones, cars, plenty of food, and other electronic gadgets produced by capitalism, indoctrinated by schools and the media into believing that free-market capitalism poses a fundamental threat to their avowed neo-communism.

A young American friend, who currently lives with his wife in Romania, is considering moving his family to America. As Darius explained, “She’s fixated on the idea of living in an America that probably hasn’t existed since the 1990s at the latest.” He is afraid to discuss any conservative ideas with the young Romanians who openly and proudly express their communist affiliation, rejecting all other ideas that contradict and diverge from their proletarian ideology.

It is no surprise that such young people were indoctrinated by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who made their way into the Iron Curtain as soon as it “fell” in 1990. George Soros boasted in an interview that he was the first to be given access into Romania after Christmas 1989 when Ceausescu was executed for communist crimes against his own people. Soros allegedly met with the minister of education to discuss the new curricula post Ceausescu’s regime. Scores of young Romanians studied abroad with financial help from his foundations, assuring their allegiance to the new world globalism.

The “sudden” infatuation of the West with socialism/communism has been developing over decades as the communists had planned to go underground and rebrand themselves into the global communists of today.

I met several such students in 1991, who had been brought to an all-black southern U.S. college to study for Masters Degrees in management. When the two-year university indoctrination ended, they went back to work in the recently fashioned government comprised of former communist upper echelon apparatchiks who had rebranded themselves into the new world globalists.

The “sudden” infatuation of the West with socialism/communism has been developing over decades as the communists had planned to go underground and rebrand themselves into the global communists of today, championed by the United Nations and “civil society,” meaning intellectuals, academics, and other lapdogs of liberalism who advertise and promote everything the U.N. publishes.

Vladimir Bukovsky explained these phenomena in the upcoming English version of his book, Judgment in Moscow. He had found documents in Russia to prove that the reason the horrific crimes of the former Soviet Union and its satellites were not punished like the Nazi crimes were fifty years before was the “Kremlin’s links to and influence over Western political parties, governments, media, and prominent individuals, as revealed in the documents. It was these powerful links, he writes, that prevented any push to prosecute the extreme human rights abuses that took place over the decades of Soviet rule. As a result, the Communist Party and KGB elite were left to regroup and re-establish their power – with new names and new methods, perhaps, but the same goal: to undermine Western democracy.”

It is with sadness, agony, and dread that I see daily evidence of Western democracies turning back to the future. Some people never learn from history and must repeat it no matter how disastrous.

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Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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A lot of misdirection in the above article. I lived a substantial number of years in the West and currently live in Romania, failing to see anywhere the “neo-communism” that lady appears to be obsessed with. On the contrary, Romania suffers not from “neo-communism” but from neocolonialism pushed by the West since the fall of Ceausescu. The country is being blanketed since the 1990’s with foreign NGO’s that actively promote anti-Romanian policies on every level: liberal subversive values (in a culturally conservative country) and crony capitalism. In Romania, nearly all assets of the state inherited from the Ceausescu regime were… Read more »


>From all historical accounts, Nicolae Ceaușescu was a hard core and brutal >Communist dictator who was charged with genocide, found guilty and executed. This is still subject to debate, maybe not that much in the West but in Romania for sure. There are also reputable historical accounts which show that the charges of genocide against Ceausescu were fabricated. It is also a fact that Ceausescu and his wife were judged by a kangaroo court. Otherwise, I tend to fully endorse the content of your website. Great job and keep it going – the world needs more of this kind of… Read more »

Fidia Lafaurie

Embargos and Sanctions that is the culprit. Embargos and Sanctions are a crime against humanity. The USA is an expert on causing pain and despair all around the globe. The USA goes all around the world trying to steal, rape and kill.
USA take your 7 stinking military bases OUT of my country. The USA is always blaming others but they are the barbarians. I am so happy that there stinky dollar will die very soon. Bitcoin came to save us


Blah blah blah…believe me…”The West” has no need to “colonize” the paradise that is Romania. Keep it.


Much misdirection is correct. Some if the things said are hilarious. Why are someb people so afraid of Technocracy that they feel they must spread lies? There is even a guy who takes attributes from a video game world named Technocracy and sells his books asvif it is the “truth of technocracy”. And it is truth of video game technocracy Nothing to do with Technocracy Inc. But he would not sell books if people knew he was railing against a video game world. ??

Werner Hoermann

To a large the degree the modus operandi of the technocrats, with who I do have frequent contact these days, is not much different that the one I observed among the leftist leaders in the 60’s movements, particularly those living in the communes. Both elites have little regard for the “wellbeing of the downtrodden masses” for which they presumably care so much and for which all their policies are designed. In reality they care as much for them as a farmer cares for his cattle. In that regards thy are not different from the pimp who convinces his “girlfriend” that… Read more »

Nika Peters

I was born & raised in USSR, now live in Western Europe and I can tell responsibly – there is no difference in the NARRATIVES of Communists & Globalists. The narratives are: – Emptying Churches, as the basis of Western Christian superior morality & nuclear family. Ridiculing of believers, making emphasis on Pragmatism/Atheism; – maintaining unlimited power of the state; – what in the USSR was called Internationalism is now called in the West Multiculturalism. Different names, identical narrative – “Reject your identity to the favour of other folks. Interracial marriage is welkome & promoted”; – propaganda of the perverted… Read more »


If you are claiming to be in contact with the Tehnocrats. Then drop a few names here? None of the members of Technocracy Inc. the only and original group have heard of you.


Who cares what you call it, socialism, communism, or globalism. Bottom line is big, controlling entities are the enemy of freedom. Kill them all.


Your …”Kill them all.” statement aside, I certainly agree. It doesn’t matter what you call a particular management style–argue all you like. It’s semantics. Some styles, clearly, are more brutal than others–Khmer Rouge vs. most of Western culture. However, the bottom line? All government is the bane of freedom anywhere, anytime. Real freedom is taking adult responsibility for yourself and shedding the childishness of parental government. Governments on this planet are about suppressing the populace through monetary slavery and pushing their power envelope further outward via lustful killing–war. That’s a fact. The concept of a necessary parental watchdog is deeply… Read more »


Why all the splitting of hairs on what to call Communism? Totalitarianism is totalitarianism. Throwing in technology to build a capitalistic foundation to a Communist political structure may improve the outcome of the struggling people but they still have no freedom. By your loose technocracy definition, Hitler and all of his technocratic Nazi party leaders (all manufacturing superstars) created a technocracy. The USSR, although equally as totalitarian, couldn’t muster nearly the technology of The Third Reich, thus becoming more of an agronocracy. Still totalitarian, not so capitalistic. Sooner or later, all totalitarian governments fail from the sheer volume of corruption… Read more »


Change of name


Who cares? If it isn’t Capitalism, it’s CRAP! LOL! Let’s try to figure out which cancer is the WORST! WHO CARES? They’re ALL to be avoided! MAGA!


Communism is monopoly capitalism. It may take the form of state ownership or private ownership (or a mix) . In both cases the elites are the owners/managers of monopoly capitalism and control the state directly or indirectly. In todays China the state is the party and the party elite have private ownership unlike in the FSU and Maos China. Its still Communism (or Fascism if you will, which is just the opposite end of the same rope), albeit in its National Form, a weaker sauce than Global Communism IMO Technocracy is simply a tool of Global Communism using scientism as… Read more »