Trump Softens On Climate Change, Now Believes ‘Some Connectivity’ With Humans

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Trump’s hard-line approach to man-caused global warming has made a hard U-turn, now giving room for ‘some connectivity’ between humans and climate change. With massive pressure being brought by the UN and climate warmists in America, Trump will be hard-pressed to pull America out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.  TN Editor

It is hard to keep up with the pace of change in the mind of Donald Trump.

Just hours after announcing he was not going to pursue an investigation of Hillary Clinton over her use of a personal email server, he indicated another important U-turn – this time in regard to climate.

During the campaign, Mr Trump has suggested climate change was nothing more than a “hoax”, and that the so-called myth may have been started by the Chinese.

However, in a conversation with journalists from the New York Times on Tuesday, he indicated he had rethought the matter.

Asked if thought human activity was linked to climate change; he responded: “I think there is some connectivity. Some, something. It depends on how much.”

He also said he would keep an open mind on whether he would pull the US out of a landmark international climate change deal.

During his presidential campaign, Mr Trump repeatedly said he would withdraw from the 2015 Paris climate accord. But on Tuesday, at a meeting with reporters that itself experienced a U-turn in regard to whether or not it would even take place, he said: “I’m looking at it very closely. I have an open mind to it.”

Mr Trump, who has been holed up for days in Trump Tower in New York as he puts together a team for his administration, told the reporters that he was also thinking about climate change in regard to American competitiveness and “how much it will cost our companies”.

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Tramp, sorry Trump, has changed opinion on most of his issues, he has taken a 180 on all of them. Guess what sheeple: you have been had by the biggest con man on this planet.

James Hufferd

So, now it’s up to the climate change affirming community of scientists to convince President Trump of the severity of the actual problem going forward and gain the new administration’s full and fully-adequate collaboration in dealing with it effectively in the time that may or may not still be available for overcoming or abating it.


This is the media trying to find crumbs of comfort. Read the full transcript for the measure of the man. Re Hillary, why should he need to waste time and effort on a vendetta, losing was a severe punishment and the FBI are still checking the Clinto Foundation. The MSM is trying to sow discord before Trump even moves in. “Tom Friedman: But are you going to take America out of the world’s lead of confronting climate change? TRUMP: I’m looking at it very closely, Tom. I’ll tell you what. I have an open mind to it. We’re going to… Read more »


Even though the sun dominates what we perceive as climate change, stopping pollution, cleaning up after ourselves, planting trees, building water storing humus to cover soils, moving from monocultures to polycultures, storing water in the soil rather than reservoirs that drain soils, cleaning up the oceans especially what should be productive gyres, are just a few common sense steps people who care can take.

Government top down commands are hopeless. People can take back personal power and accountability to get this job done.