January 26, 2022

U-Turn: Pfizer Board Member Suggests End to Mask, Vaccine Mandates

On December 31 I wrote, “I am quite certain that some positive, ‘good news’ headlines will appear in the first quarter of 2022… Omicron could be officially declared to be a nothing-burger and some major corporations might remove mask and/or vaccine requirements.” This trend is continuing with Pfizer’s major reversal. 

Ivermectin Works: World’s Largest, Peer-Reviewed Research Study

For all the Ivermectin skeptics who have retorted that “there are no peer-reviewed” studies proving it works, and who probably wouldn’t know how to read and understand a a peer-reviewed study, will you please stop fighting this and come out of the propaganda fog? Holdouts will now likely attack the peers in an attempt to discredit them.