January 28, 2022

South Carolina Proposes Law To Make It Illegal To Request Vax Status

Legislators in South Carolina are commended in their application of legislation to stop the apartheid in their state. This proves that states have the power to override mandates and outside dictates from the federal government as well as industry. Medical Technocrats will be grinding their teeth over this as it forces them to get back to legitimate health care.

Buttigieg Accelerates UN Agenda To Ditch Cars, Promote Walking, Bike Lanes

Gotta get those dangerous, dangerous cars off the road and make people walk, bicycle and scooter to their destinations. Federal transportation funding will be channeled through the unconstitutional, soviet-style Councils of Government and Metropolitan Planning Organizations. These quasi-governmental bodies attach conditionalities to all disbursements and force cities to comply with globalist agendas.

Denmark Ends Almost All COVID Restrictions

The Technocrat COVID narrative of lockdowns, masks, distancing and passports continues to crumble. Denmark was the first nation in Europe to impose harsh restrictions and now it is the first to give them up. This means that two years of artificial panic is all that people can tolerate before they say “game over”.