January 14, 2022

Technocracy: How Vaccine Mandates Became A Political Weapon

Although this article focuses on the current Administration, it is a global strategy employed by Technocrats around the world. Surely the injections have a separate but related purpose, using governments to enforce dystopian policies is clearly observed. When their usefulness is over, these same governments will be thrown under the Technocrat bus.

5G Rollout May Put Aviation Safety At Risk

The 5G rollout is upending aviation safety as “transmission from these towers have been demonstrated to interfere with radar altimeters, widely used in helicopters and other aircraft to measure altitude.” 5G is a necessary technology to enable the Internet of Things (IoT), which overrides human health and safety.

Biden Administration Institutionalizes Religious Discrimination

According to the Department of Justice, the government is supposed to practice nondiscrimination on the basis of “race, color, national origin, sex, religion or age.” Since most religious exemptions are requested by Christians, building a national database of exemption requests not only stigmatizes them but creates a “legal” list of enemies of the state.