January 6, 2022

Quebec Curfew: Unvaxx’d Banned From Buying Booze, Marijuana

In Quebec, only 15 percent of the population has not received a COVID shot, and yet they are blamed for soaring infection rates among the vaccinated. Somehow that appears as logical to government leaders who are intent on punishing the holdouts. This is on top of closures of gyms, theaters and bars.

Italy Mandates Vax For Over-50s, Bans Unvaxxed From Workplaces

Italy is now over-the-top authoritarian as it institutionalizes the demonization of the unvaxxed. The most vulnerable segment of society, the over-50s, must be jabbed and forced to accept a vaccine passport. Deniers will essentially be banned from society and marked for further harassment and scapegoating.

The Real Agenda Behind Vaccine Passports

The Technocrat mindset is this: What cannot be identified and monitored cannot be controlled. This is the main point of vaccine passports, which have nothing to do with controlling the spread of disease, but rather are about controlling YOU!