January 18, 2022

Paypal Terminates Service For Nonprofits Fighting Vaccine Mandates

Technocracy’s coup d’├ętat expands as Big Tech financial companies like Paypal drop organizations who oppose the Technocrat narrative. Banks have also joined the purge as well: all of Mike Lindell’s business banking accounts were summarily terminated last week by the Heartland Financial Minnesota Bank & Trust

Elon Musk Unplugged: Earth Doomed, Humans Must Flee To Colonize Outer Space

As the world’s richest person and consummate Technocrat, Elon Musk provides a glimpse into his bizarre thinking: he believes that the entire planet will go extinct because the sun is expanding. The only path to species survival is to “flee to the stars” and colonize outer space. Those who embrace Musk’s success and “genius” should be very careful about what they are dealing with.

Doctor Loses License For Prescribing HCQ, Ivermectin; Ordered To Psych Evaluation

Dr. Meryl Nass has been an outspoken critic of health directives that ban HCQ and Ivermectin for early treatment of COVID infections. The State of Maine Board of Licensure took action to crush her medical practice by pulling her medical license, and to add insult to injury, ordered her to undergo a psych evaluation. This appears to be following Orwell’s 1984 storyline where Winston is cast as Dr. Nass.