January 19, 2022

‘Vehicle Kill Switches’ Now Mandated In New Cars By 2026

To the delight of UN Sustainable Development ideologues and control-freak Technocrats, private car ownership in America has suffered a fatal blow. Vehicle “kill switches” are now mandated by 2026 in Biden’s infrastructure bill that was just signed into law. Those who warned in December that this was in the bill were called ‘conspiracy theorists’.

The Pandemic Narrative Is Undergoing A Radical U-Turn

There is now little doubt that the official pandemic narrative is headed for a 180 degree u-turn, but mostly for political reasons. The Democrat party is in shambles and virtually guaranteed to lose majorities in the House and Senate if it does nothing to restore confidence. Backing off of the painful tyranny of mandates and unscientific “science” is the way out. 

Music Of The Resistance In The Age Of Covid Mania

Art follows culture as more musical artists release protest songs to lament the state of the people in the hands of tyranny. Scott Helmer’s new release, Shouting it Out, is the latest contribution. He writes, “The world is waking up to the truth about what is happening with these masks and so called, ‘vaccines,’ and for all those that are awake, this is ‘your’ song”.