May 10, 2023

Wendy’s Debuts Google-Powered Chatbot For Drive-Thru

There will be a tidal wave of layoffs in the fast food industry over the next few years, as customer interaction will be increasingly handled by AI instead of people. Entry-level jobs like this are critical to properly induct young people into the workforce. Other customer-facing jobs in jeopardy? Bank tellers, tax preparers, lawyers, financial advisors.

AI Here, AI There, AI Everywhere

Dangerous or not, Pandora’s Box of AI is fully opened and it is spreading everywhere, into every nook and cranny of civilization. Every service job, every paper pushing job, every intellectual job will be flattened in a country minute. In just 6 months since ChatGPT was released, hundreds of thousands of companies and apps have integrated it into core processes.

New ‘Foreign Malign Influence Center’ To Oversee Disinformation Orgs

The Federal government will not give up on crushing Free Speech and the First Amendment. This new agency will have sweeping powers to oversee other “disinformation” organizations in the government. Although focused on things like election interference from foreign sources, any American who repeats such things will be on the radar for legal action.