May 2, 2023

WHO/’One Health’: The Global Takeover Of Everything

The World Health Organization is hopelessly compromised by Technocrat oligarchs like Bill Gates, and they intend to flip the world into a scientific dictatorship, aka Technocracy. This is the core of the coup d’etat that started with the Great Panic of 2020 and is designed for total global control. Technocracy’s war on humanity is viscous, mean spirited and dispassionate, and will stop at nothing to achieve its goals.

Scientists: Meat Is Absolutely Crucial For Human Health

Scientists find that studies promoting an end to meat consumption in favor of vegetarian or insect consumption are fatally flawed and destructive to human health. Instead, meat has always been a staple of the human diet and societies that have little access to meat suffer huge health issues. Anti-meat rhetoric is nothing more than globalist propaganda to degrade the human population on planet earth.

IBM Freezes Hiring For Roles That Can Be Replaced By A.I.

It begins. The Technocrat reshuffle of humanity is clearly seen at IBM where there is no mercy for humans that can be replaced by A.I. Goldman Sachs’ estimate of 300 million lost or degraded jobs by A.I. is no small dent on humanity and that only envisions current technology. As ChatGPT advances in power, the number of displaced workers will naturally rise proportionately.

‘Godfather Of A.I.” Leaves Google To Warn Of A.I. Dangers

Geoffrey Hinton is a legend in the A.I. world. He is not only having negative thoughts about what he has invented, but he is doing a complete reversal, saying that A.I. has the potential to destroy civilization and in multiple ways. He joins other top computer scientists in trying to slow down development and put guard rails up on how A.I. should be used.