May 1, 2023

California Sets ‘Zero Emissions’ For Passenger and Freight Trains

The current fleet of locomotives will the outlawed by 2030 and all new models must meet zero-emissions thereafter. This will likely get struck down in court because other states will not allow California to dictate the terms and conditions of interstate commerce. Nevertheless, California’s shadow government is totally technocratic.

Big Tech Companies More Powerful Than Nation-States?

he article notes. “The world’s biggest tech companies are now richer and more powerful than most countries.’ Technocracy and democracy (or any other system of government) are like matter and anti-matter to each other. Technocracy will eventually remove all forms of political structures to simply run the world by fiat, ie, their algorithms.

New York State To Be First To Ban Natural Gas In New Construction

The environmental movement to electrify everything refuses to die out even as the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals this month overturned the California city of Berkeley’s ban on natural gas. The nation already does not have enough reliable production of electricity to power the explosion of electric vehicles. Nevertheless, Technocrats are bent on controlling all energy production and consumption.⁃