May 9, 2023

FDA Approves Gene-Edited Pigs For Human Consumption

The goal of the Technocrat/Transhuman cartel is to edit the DNA of all living species. WSU is leading the genetic modification rush to introduce GMO meat for human consumption. This article is full of misleading statements such as “Gene-editing is a modern, cutting-edge technology that works only within a species’ DNA and can make changes that could come about naturally or through traditional breeding practices.”

Expert Says It’s A Good Thing That AI Could Replace 80% Of Jobs “In Next Few Years”

Here is an all-out apologist for turning loose AI and ChatGPT-like programs on the world. He recognizes that there will be huge societal repercussions but in the same breath says, “I don’t know how (to) solve all the social issues.” This Pollyanna-ish view of reality is typical of the purely Technocrat mindset: “Dam the torpedoes and full speed ahead.”

IoT Forensics: What Your Smart Home Knows About You

This article was received as an email from MIT, but it reveals new information about the topic of IoT forensics, or, discovering what data is hoovered up and stored on you smart home devices. If your home ever becomes a crime scene, all that data could be extracted and analyzed to bite hard. These are the very dangers that TN has been warning about since its inception.