May 4, 2023

Under Xi, China Continues To Solidify And Consolidate Its Technocracy

You can still see the visible trappings of former Communism in China, but the substance of the country has morphed into hard-core Technocracy. This was intentional and not accidental, as evidenced by many internal and external reports. For all those who thought Chairman Xi was moving away from Technocracy, this article proves that he is dead set on increasing Technocrat power.

Kennedy: WEF And Bill Gates Are Using ‘Climate Change’ To Control Population

RFJ, Jr. is an old-school environmentalist, of which there are very few left. Modern environmentalism was hijacked decades ago by the Rockefeller cartel and the original “greens” were kicked out. I have interviewed some of these displaced citizens and they are generally livid that everything they originally worked for was summarily discarded, while the new environmentalism became destructive to the environment.

Author Of Limits To Growth (1972) Still Promotes Population Reduction Of 86%

Meadows is insane to think that getting rid of 6 billion or so human inhabitants of earth can be “peaceful” or “fair”. Yet, his Club of Rome was a creation of the Rockefeller dynasty which has spread and embedded these crazy ideas throughout the world. Another Club of Rome book (1991) stated, “The real enemy then, is humanity itself.” To this day, genocidal thinking is everywhere in elite circles.