May 19, 2023

Your DNA Can Now Be Pulled Out Of Thin Air

DNA is the foundation of life and is found throughout the environment. Because of shedding, humans leave a continuous trail of DNA that can be measured and sequenced. Genetic scientists have now discovered how to easily sequence environmental DNA, called E-DNA. The implications to privacy and sanctuary are absolutely staggering and police/intelligence units are salivating to get their hands on it.

TransHuman/Machine Fusion For Cyborg Soldier By 2050

The military created the Internet and still controls it, hiding in plain sight. The military sparked Transhumanist technologies (NBIC) in the 1990s to produce “supermen” fighting machines to dominate the war field.  “genetic engineering, synthetic biology, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, or any number of emerging technologies.”

Nearly Half of NYC Hotel Rooms Now Filled with Illegal Migrants

The destruction of both America and Europe by illegal immigration is a policy of the United Nations and the Trilateral Commission. TC bigwig Peter Sutherland, as Special Envoy on Immigration to the UN, opened up Europe like a can of sardines. TC members in the U.S. have followed the same policy. This article reveals how close we are to total meltdown.