Scientists: Meat Is Absolutely Crucial For Human Health

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Scientists find that studies promoting an end to meat consumption in favor of vegetarian or insect consumption are fatally flawed and destructive to human health. Instead, meat has always been a staple of the human diet and societies that have little access to meat suffer huge health issues. Anti-meat rhetoric is nothing more than globalist propaganda to degrade the human population on planet earth. ⁃ TN Editor

Scientists have called for zealots to stop pushing vegetarian and vegan diets on to people, warning that meat is crucial for a healthy lifestyle.

Almost 1,000 academics from leading universities across the world have signed an initiative which argues that livestock farming is too important to ‘become the victim of zealotry’.

Publishing in the academic journal Animal Frontiers, as part of a collaboration between professional animal science societies, dozens of experts looked behind new claims that eating meat causes diseases, as well as being harmful for the planet.

It comes amid a bigger push from campaigners to take up a plant-based diet, with initiatives such as Veganuary and Meatfree Mondays.

Further to this, the medical journal The Lancet published a paper The Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries and Risk Factor Study in 2020, where they said a high red meat diet was responsible to 896,000 deaths globally.

Almost 1,000 academics from leading universities across the world have signed an initiative which argues that livestock farming is too important to ‘become the victim of zealotry’

Researchers found, however, that it is hard to replicate the nutritional content of meat.

It added that those who live in poorer communities and have a low meat intake often suffer from a number of nutrient-deficient diseases such as stunted growth, wasting and anaemia, The Telegraph reports.

Researchers in Animal Frontiers said that unprocessed meat is responsible for providing B12 vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and minerals, such as iron and zinc, as well as supplying retinol.

The paper suggested that the link between red meat and disease was almost eradicated when it was combined with a healthy diet, leading to the suggestion it was the rest of the diet that is the cause behind health issues.

One the authors of the peer review, Dr Alice Stanton from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, explained that peer reviewed evidence showed that the Global Burden study’s claim was ‘fatally scientifically flawed’.

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Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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I’m a patriot and and vegetarian. I’m 59 and go hard as an electrician. Studies show vegetarians/vegans live longer. The longest living group of people in America are the seven day Adventist’s. Most of them eat very little meat if any. Look at all the meat 🥩 eaters in America, they are very unhealthy.

Voice of reason

You have no right to tell other people what to eat.


My sister and I tried a vegan diet for 14 months a couple of years ago. The result was catastrophic. We both gained about 30 pounds, developed GERD which was the result of diminished stomach acid from a loss of vital nutrients which can’t be extracted from plants, and fungal/bacteria overgrowth—Candida from a diet heavily laden with carbohydrates, which is pure sugar. Would NEVER eat that way again. Took several months to recover and was not able to eat without taking HCl and digestive enzymes and zinc carnosine until my body was restored with B vitamins, acetylcholine, zinc, magnesium, potassium,… Read more »

Jim Reinhart

Understand what is needed for a diet full of all life giving elements and get rid of the most stupid practices on earth, as Healthy Soils make healthy bodies which all dietitians knew before 1965. You are fat because you don’t eat a balanced meal, more do you understand what the organic chemistry of the only true bionics are, the bacterium as my Dr. stated, an apple a day keeps the doctor away because it has 10-100 bacteria that works with the GI system in providing nourishment. No one needs to eat meat and like vegan cities around the world… Read more »

Jim Reinhart

How many of the large k-9 teethed large small intestines but small large intestines and large stomach animals that have a ph of high molarity of 1, are in our species. NONE. How does a cow create muscle and milk? Read up on something you don’t really understand.


Jim you are a fascist. You have no right to tell others how to live. Go eat some Tofu and STFU.


He didn’t tell you what to eat though? He just pointed out that he was a vegetarian and that the longest living group in America also are. At no point did he say don’t eat meat, you are projecting.


I know MANY vegetarians (including Seventh-day Adventists) and they are all astoundingly healthy. I am mostly veg; consuming very little organic chicken and wild-caught salmon. I just had a checkup. Normal BP and lipids, everything else within spec. No aches, pains, problems, no need of any Rx, no cognitive issues. People see my face and think I’m 20 or more years younger than I am because I have no wrinkles. BTW, I’m 74…


MEAT is not the problem. It is feedlots, antibiotics, cornfed instead of grassfed, GMO fed and hormone innoculated Cows which are the problem. They are raised with animal abuse and live in SEVERELY OVERCROWDED misery.

Likewise, flatulent Cows are not the problem with our atmosphere. Corporate pollution, along with GeoStupid Chemtrail Engineering, and cutting down all the TREES, are the problem.


they can spray our atmosphere with metal elements that are known to cause Alzheimer’s and God knows what else . and say its Global Warming .Wake up and LOOK UP !! … meanwhile allowing China to burn coal who has the worst air quality in the frikin WORLD !!!! and causing the air pollution around the WORLD ..its all changing the climate in the Amazon its them not U.S. !! . that’s how twisted and sick they are !! .they brainwash our kids that their the cause of carbon footprint is the cause for Global Warming and that the earth… Read more »


As is the case with milk, so it is with meat. Store-bought, pasteurized & homogenized “milk” is not “real” and has little, if any, nutritional value. However, if you want bright-eyed, robust children with no ear infections, good teeth, muscular physiques, etc., then you’ll want to find a local farmer who will sell you raw (“real”) milk from healthy, pastured cows eating lots of green grass and no GMO feed. My experience proves this to be a legitimate superfood and it’s no wonder that the Today Show says only crazy people drink the “dangerous” raw product, LOL…


I don’t eat meat for more than 20 years. Liquid Yeast, the substitute.
I know meat consumption helps to trigger cancer (animal proteins + hormones, dangerous chemicals used as preservativos, eg, Sodium Nitrate)…
If people want to consume meats, they should be warned, but it’s up for them to decide).
Doubts? Get an appointment with a fine Naturopath, and find out.
So long..

wake up

Meat in it’s natural state is not unhealthy. Our ancestors ate it for eons and we wouldn’t be here if they didn’t. The problem is factory farming. Big corporations took over farms and started feeding cows corn instead of grass and injecting them with hormones to fatten them up. They also put them in inhumane tiny pens that stressed the poor things out causing all those stress hormones. The combination of stress hormones and corn fat made cow meat much less healthy then it is when they are raised free range with a grass diet. Same with farm raised fish.… Read more »

Jim Reinhart

Only an idiot would proclaim this. Vegan diet has a better tempered and longer life in every instance as long as the region is in the open and not of filth. I know your are an idiot as you have NO IDEA OF PHYSIOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY. Pathogens of meat with blood without the oxygen it needs to clean the body creates most of the deaths of humanity every year, now being surpassed by quack medicine. Your experts are liars and you are part of this group. Genesis – you shall not eat the flesh of those with red blood –… Read more »

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