January 2023

The Global Energy Crisis Is Redrawing Geopolitical Maps

The energy crisis, largely Technocrat-made or Technocrat-caused, it shaking the earth. Energy is the focus of Technocracy and the desire for total control has sparked the war on traditional fuels for the sake of implementing alternative sources like windmills and solar panels that are easily controlled

ChatGPT Is Coming For The World

ChatGPT’s implied message: “Your time is almost up. If you really want to continue your reign as the dominant species on Earth, here’s your challenge. Try to control me and my kind, or step aside.” Pandora’s box has been opened and will likely never be shut again. As a result, life on earth is about to change.

Technocrats In Canada Moving To Eliminate Free Speech

The U.S. is  following Canada’s lead in eliminating Free Speech altogether. Technocrats cannot tolerate criticism of their pseudo-scientific narrative that pushes the world toward outright Technocracy. They gladly use the politicians into supporting them.

Looming Demographic Winter Suggests “Have Babies, Now!”

In spite of clear evidence that demographic winter is upon us, population reduction protagonists refuse to give an inch. Nevertheless, over 25% of the world’s nations have pro-birth policies to replenish shrinking populations. Meanwhile, population reduction hawks push policies and practices to stop reproduction.

Top AI Conference Bans ChatGPT From Writing Academic Papers

ChatGPT stands for “Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer”. It can perform natural language generation at such a high level of accuracy that it can pass the Turing Test, i.e., fooling humans that they are communicating with a computer. Even Technocrat AI leaders are recognizing the dangerous implications and are erecting stop signs.

Microsoft Invests $10 Billion In ChatGPT-Maker OpenAI

ChatGPT is turning the AI world on its head. Google is in a panic because it doesn’t own OpenAI, which threatens its monopoly on AI. Microsoft invested $1 billion into OpenAI in 2019 and it now looking to pour in another $10 billion – ten times the original investment.

First: Congressman Delivers Speech Written By ChatGPT AI

ChatGPT seemingly wants to take over the world, but it is just a chatbot after all and not sentient. Still, it is a slippery Technocrat slope to use it to create or speak about legislation before Congress. This is Pandora’s box and suggests a dumbing down of real people who are hired/elected to to a particular job.

Moderna Announces Trials Of mRNA Shot For Heart Attacks

Moderna is planning a plethora of mRNA shots for all kinds of health problems, including heart attacks. Using Messenger RNA to modify cellular functions, hormones, enzymes and proteins is extremely dangerous, but Transhumans and Technocrats are bent on creating Humanity 2.0. TN warned right after the announcement of mRNA shots for COVID-19 that once the conveyor belt to your arm was put in place, there would be a never-ending stream of shots.