January 13, 2023

Toxic Stew: Big Pharma Seeks To Inject Livestock With mRNA ‘Vaccines’

I have already thoroughly documented the Technocrat/Transhuman goal of taking over all genetic material on earth. (see video below) This article is indicative. Although mRNA is the current vector for changing biological functions, direct DNA manipulation is coming. The megalomanic gene scientists who see no problem with hijacking life itself must be forcefully rejected in word and deed.

Whitehead: Trust In Government Is No Longer Possible

Technocrats have sufficiently deconstructed America to the point that our national government no longer represents the best interests of its own citizens, and indeed, is harmful to them. The Constitution as a protection against tyranny has been intentionally subverted so that tyrannical forces and practices can thrive.

Japan Launches Official Investigation Into Millions Of mRNA Vaccine Deaths

Evidence from Japan’s investigation of mRNA “vaccines” is shocking and compelling. In the vaccinated who have died, the spike protein was found throughout their body and including their skin. Elevated temperatures of corpses indicate widespread inflammation. Japanese scientists are demanding an immediate end to all mRNA vaccines.