January 17, 2023

WSJ: Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Coming, Ready Or Not

This is a must-read article to understand one point: CBDCs will allow citizens to bypass commercial banks in order to hold digital currency accounts directly with the Federal Reserve. This is profound because it risks driving all peripheral banks, S&Ls and credit unions out of business; it also takes Constitutional authority away from the Senate to regulate currency and coinage. Few are talking about this, but the WSJ has just put it in your face!

‘A New System’: Inside DAVOS Summit 2023

The Agenda at this year’s WEF Summit in Davos was set prior to arrival of guests: it’s all about a “new system”. Of course, this is the intended system to be produced by the WEF’s highly-prized Great Reset, aka Sustainable Development, Fourth Industrial Revolution and Technocracy. Never mind that the “new system” will turn all economic activity on its ear; or civilization on its head. Brainwashing is as brainwashing does.

Brits Are Protesting 15-Minute Cities To Avoid Becoming Prisoners Of The State

A 15-minute city means everything you have to (or can do) exists within 15 minutes from where you live. People are seeing it as a virtual gulag where confinement is monitored with geo-fencing, smart phones and panopticon-style surveillance. Also perceived is the inability (or great difficulty) to escape from your assigned 15-minute neighborhood. Globalists and Technocrats are thrilled at the prospect.