January 24, 2023

TSA Seizes Passport Of Turning Point USA Journalist Returning From Davos

Morgonn McMichael is a full-time journalist and Ambassador with Turning Point USA in Tempe, Arizona. She travelled to Davos, Switzerland to cover the World Economic Forum, but on her return trip, she learned that her name had been added to a TSA list that resulted in her being detained and searched at five different security checkpoints, including her destination at Phoenix International Airport. 

Joe Allen: Vaxxbots Are A Virus Of The Mind

Joe Allen knows a lot about Transhumanism and the technology being used to further its assertions. In his progression of research, he has examined just about every anti-vaxx “conspiracy theory” that has been conjured up explaining what the elitists are doing to humanity. Wild assertions, easy as they are to conjure up, simply do not make for correct understanding. We should stand on what we know, not on vain speculations.

Solari Report: Ways To Stop Central Bank Digital Currencies

CBDCs are in the works, but transparency and mass action can throw a huge monkey wrench into their implementation. The Solari Report offers a few concrete steps people can take, with the most important being to increase the use of cash while explaining to recipients why cash is endangered and what they can do about it.