January 3, 2023

‘Davos Man’ Cometh And He Is A Technocrat

This is a worthwhile read from start to finish. The world needs to send “Davos Man” (Klaus Schwab, et. al) packing before he gets his hands around your neck. The bulk reorganization of 8 billion souls, 195 countries, the $105 trillion global economy and all social structures should not be left to megalomaniacs who are “reimagining” how the world should be structured. They should stick to their “magic mushrooms” and let real people run a real world.

Flashback: Executive Order On Ensuring Responsible Development Of Digital Assets, Namely, CBDCs

The entire Federal government has been busy fulfilling the demands created by this Executive Order, to give the bum’s rush to CBDCs and blockchain-based financial instruments. This is another ‘whole-of-government’ operation where every agency is marching in lockstep. If the Federal Reserve implements a CBDC directly to consumers, it will obsolete our entire monetary system and strip authority over coinage from Congress.

28% Of All Americans Know Someone Who Died From mRNA Injections

The wheels of the biomedical cartel’s bus are coming off. Shout it from the rooftops. Look around to see how many hands are being held up. The evidence of death is all around and people everywhere have figured it out, even if they are not openly talking about it. Perhaps now, they will talk. Accountability must follow. Pfizer knew. Moderna knew. J&J knew. Fauci knew. The WHO knew. In the meantime, the death shots must stop.