December 2022

Unholy Trinity: Facebook As Fact, Government As Truth, Big Pharma As God

Billions are trapped in the Matrix that tells them what to think, when to think and how to think. Their reality is manipulated by a small cohort of international perpetrators who seem themselves as worthy to direct the fate of the whole world. Wonder why Free Speech under siege? Well, speak up and help these people get free.

WEF Ditches Twitter, Says Followers Should Use Chinese Apps Instead

In a predictable manner, the World Economic Forum has turned its back on Twitter, embracing Chinese social media apps instead. Musk’s purchase and renovation of Twitter has flipped on the flood lights for all the cockroaches who were hiding in darkness and anonymity. It’s now obvious that many different groups were deeply embedded in crooked social engineering practices taking place in the “old” Twitter.

Bust: NYC Electric Garbage Trucks Lasted Only 4 Hours In Cold

Batteries failed across the nation during the worst storm/cold snap in modern history. NYC’s garbage trucks were expected to deliver 12 hours of snow plowing but conked out after 4 hours. EV car owners reported they had trouble getting home because they had to stop so often to recharge their prematurely depleted batteries.

Amazon Delivery Drones Take To The Skies

Drones are annoying due to the high-pitch whine of their propellers, and intrusive because they “see” everything that they fly over, including back yards and people walking on the street. Drones are delivery robots and robotics (eliminating human jobs) is Amazon’s specialty.

Brownstone: It Was Always About Control

It was never about public health, but rather control of the global population. By and large, it has worked, but only by propaganda, lies and deception. Now that many people are seeing this for what it is, the biomedical cartel is baring its teeth in preparation for the mother of all battles.