December 2022

Day 3: Technocracy In Europe And America

Having entrenched themselves into an unmovable power structure, these Technocrats are now killing off democracy, free enterprise and Capitalism in order to implement the economic system of Technocracy known as Sustainable Development or Green Economy.

Day 1: We Were Warned About Technocracy

This is Day One of my “Twelve Days of Christmas” series of articles, where I will reflect on Technocracy, Technocrats, historical and modern influences and future directions. Please reflect slowly and deliberately on each day.

What Happens If You Refuse “Vaccinated” Blood?

The face of tyranny is on full display. In New Zealand, Baby W needs surgery. The parents said no blood from donors who were inoculated with mRNA shots. The state promptly took custody of Baby W and told the parents that they are conspiracy nuts to think that spike proteins would be present in a donor’s blood.

Health Officials Are Eager To Reinstate Face Masks This Winter

Their pseudo-science ignores peer-reviewed medical studies that conclusively prove face mask are ineffective in stopping a virus. If mask mandates are reinstated on air, train and bus travel. what will you do? How about indoor mask mandates in your city? This is the time to throw it all back in their face and say “NO!”

British PM Flip-Flops On Windmills: Bring ‘Em On

Environmental groups have pushed England into dependence on alternative energy, leaving it with a permanent deficit of necessary energy. if a day ever comes that the wind stops blowing in the region, England will be back in the dark ages in days. ⁃

China Is The Pied Piper Of Global Technocracy

China’s zero-Covid lockdowns may be little more than theatrics to further Technocracy in the world. The author concludes, “A system neither communist nor capitalist, but absorbing the worst vices of whilst purging the virtues. Zero Covid is just China working as the other side of the scissors.” When human lives mean nothing, sacrificing them for gaining an objective is par for the course.

Despite War, Ukraine Is Diving Headlong Into Technocracy

Digital solutions, digital government, digital ID, CBDCs, privatized, automated and outsourced. The Russia/Ukraine war is turning out to be little more than a distraction while Technocrats take over everything in sight. The cost is not merely money, but human lives. A scorched-earth Ukraine is the perfect setting for a test of the Great Reset and Build Back Better – and they are already laying the groundwork for it.