January 26, 2023

Moderna Announces Trials Of mRNA Shot For Heart Attacks

Moderna is planning a plethora of mRNA shots for all kinds of health problems, including heart attacks. Using Messenger RNA to modify cellular functions, hormones, enzymes and proteins is extremely dangerous, but Transhumans and Technocrats are bent on creating Humanity 2.0. TN warned right after the announcement of mRNA shots for COVID-19 that once the conveyor belt to your arm was put in place, there would be a never-ending stream of shots.

Didn’t Take Long: Crushed Bug ‘Additive’ Being Fed To Kids Across The EU

In the wake of EU approval of two types of insects for human consumption, products are flooding the shelves of EU grocery stores. Now children are being fed meatless diets in order to save the world from flatulating bovines and resource-intensive ranchers. Some cultures in poorer areas of the world eat bugs mostly because they are poor and cannot afford other types of protein.