January 2023

Carbon Credit Scam: Pay Indulgences For Sin Of Breathing

Breathing in is free. Breathing out will cost you because you emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Humans are carbon-based entities that exist because of the carbon lifecycle of nature. Basically, the global Technocrat scammers want to penalize you for living. You can easily see the population reduction agenda at work.

U.S. Politicians Who Pimped America To The WEF/Davos Cult

Dear American politicians: America and Americans are not for sale. We are not your prostitute that you can pimp to the Davos cult that pushes the Great Reset and the destruction of America. History will record all of you on the same page as the revolutionary traitor Benedict Arnold.

Russia, Iran Eye Issuance Of Stablecoin Backed By Gold

After the decoupling of gold from the dollar in 1971, central banks decried “Gold is dead”, “Gold is not money”, Gold is obsolete”; and thus, the war on gold began, even though those same central banks were quietly accumulating vast stores of gold. Now, suddenly, gold is resurrecting as the most important monetary asset in the world.