January 2023

Universities Not Interested In Admitting Fault About COVID Policies

Technocrat enclaves at Universities must protect their sources of funding for “research” and thus will never admit wrongdoing or harm caused to students and faculty over harmful COVID policies, “vaccine” mandates and distance learning. One can expect them to hold the same line during future health episodes.

Study: 6G May Use Humans As Power Source

Since future 6G will operate at extremely low power levels, scientists have determined that the traditional energy leakage from the human body can be inexpensively harvested (ie, a 50 cent bracelet) and employed to run on-person 6G devices, pushing data to smart devices for further upload to the cloud. Furthermore, this could complete the Internet of Bodies pledge where humans in close proximity automatically form private networks to exchange data.

The Pentagon Creates Road Map For ‘Zero Trust’ Internet Access By 2027

TN has examined this topic in detail several times. Ultimately, the only people who will be able to hop on the Internet, regardless of the entry point (5G, 6G, fiber optic, private of public WiFi) will first have to be definitively identified. This will require a personal, registered ID comparable to an electronic passport. No digital ID? You don’t use the Internet. Got ID? Every activity is tracked, catalogued and saved. The military is paving the way for this.

How The Military Will Fight Using 5G In Electromagnetic Spectrum

As noted below, one of the most powerful features of 5G is the ability to “slice” the spectrum into discrete communication pipelines. If 4G is compared to a congested 5 lane freeway, 5G could create a dedicated, empty lane for high-speed emergence vehicles. Already, discrete slices are being used by police, intel agencies, emergence services, private corporate communications and of course, the military itself.

Experts Question: What If Elderly Transhuman Billionaires Actually Become Immortal?

Don’t worry, it won’t actually happen, but billionaire Technocrats might well figure out how to live an extra dozen years or so. Those who understand the crackpot goals of Transhumanists are starting to take them seriously enough to ask some penetrating questions. What IF? If Jeff Bezos were to rise to godhood, he might well ditch Christmas and all other holidays for Prime Day. All hail lord Bezos.

“Population Bomb” Paul Ehrlich Blathers On About The “End Of Civilization”

Mass extinction events over hundreds of millions of years are claimed to have been caused by natural events. Of course there is zero proof of this). Technocrats claim that today’s mass extinction will instead be caused by man. Not one of Ehrlich’s 1968 predictions has materialized but he has never changed his rhetoric, despite the fact that we are headed straight into a demographic winter.

Shock Study: Social Media Use CHANGES The BRAINS Of Teenagers

Thank you, Technocrats. You have disrupted the lives of tens of hundreds of millions of youth, if not an entire generation. One of the most damaging social media platform on the planet is China’s TikTok app, which is not surprising coming from the world’s first Technate. Remember, Technocracy is the “science of social engineering”. But don’t think it stops there!

Unprecedented, Unholy, Unseen: AI Chatbots Are Colonizing Our Minds

AI bots are ubiquitous, yet potentially mind-altering in major ways. From digital assistants like Siri and Alexa to social media to support lines for your appliances, you are interacting with programs every single day. Do they have the collective influence to change your thinking? Or worse, the way you think? This article should be read start to finish. Then read it two more times – Joe Allen is NOT a bot.

Louisiana To Require Official Government ID To Access Pornography

An official Louisiana state app called LA Wallet, that holds a user’s official drivers license, will be used to determine who can and cannot view pornography on the Internet. While pornography is definitely harmful to children and adults alike, this is a slippery slope to require government identification to view any type of online content. Plus, it is incredibly naive to think that all involved will voluntarily discard identifying information after access is granted.

New York Joins Growing List Of States Allowing Human Composting

It’s officially a trend. NY joins California, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington in allowing human composting for your dearly departed. When you pick up Uncle Milt’s composted remains, you can take them home and spread them on your garden or around your (or his) favorite fruit tree. The thought of eating that season’s produce is reminiscent of the Charlton Heston cult movie, Soylent Green.